MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin stash is back in profit with BTC price above $30K


MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin (BTC) holdings have turned profitable for the first time since July this year as the BTC price has broken through above $30,000.

MicroStrategy up $132M in paper profits

As of Oct. 23, MicroStrategy held 158,245 BTC worth $4.847 billion, up about $132 million from the original amount invested — at an average rate of 29,870 per BTC. In other words, the firm is now up at least $130 per coin.

MicroStrategy Bitcoin holdings as of Oct. 23. Source: BlockchainCenter.Net

MicroStrategy started buying Bitcoin in 2020. The firm ramped up purchases in 2023 as BTC’s price recovered from extreme losses caused by the Federal Reserve’s rate hike policy and high-profile crypto bankruptcies and implosions.

In September 2023, MicroStrategy acquired 5,444 BTC by raising an equivalent amount of capital, mirroring the approach that saw the firm buying approximately 12,333 Bitcoin by raising funds earlier this year.

Michael Saylor, the co-founder and chairman of MicroStrategy, shared data showing Bitcoin’s outperformance versus traditional assets since the company adopted its cryptocurrency-buying strategy in August 2020.

Bitcoin vs. S&P 500, Nasdaq, Gold, Silver, and Bond returns since August 2020. Source: Michael Saylor/X

Will Bitcoin price rise further into 2024?

Since May 2022, Bitcoin has failed to establish a clear bullish momentum after crossing $30,000. This scenario may repeat in the coming weeks. This, in turn, risks pushing MicroStrategy’s BTC investment below its average buying price once again.

BTC/USD daily price chart. Source: TradingView

More downside cues come from Bitcoin’s daily relative strength index (RSI), now at its most overbought levels since January 2023. As a rule of technical analysis, an overbought RSI (above 70) could prompt BTC price to drop or consolidate sideways. 

A correction scenario will see Bitcoin’s price head toward its 50-day exponential moving average (50-day EMA; the red wave) near $27,720 in November, down about 10% from current levels.

Conversely, maintaining and confirming $30,000 as the new support level will open the door toward the next big resistance area at $32,000 — a level not seen since May 2022.

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From a fundamental perspective, a potential Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval in the U.S. serves as a strong bullish backdrop, according to CryptoQuant. It notes that the approval of a Bitcoin ETF can boost the Bitcoin market’s net capitalization by $155 billion.

In turn, the price of each Bitcoin would hit $50,000-73,000 in 2024, which would certainly become a boon for MicroStrategy, though the firm says it will stay on its BTC course even if the Bitcoin ETF get the green light. 

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