Flipstarter Reveals Eatbch and BCH Development Funding Goals – Blog Post Receives $2k in...

On Sunday, developers of the project announced the start of private testing for the platform’s BCH assurance contracts and the team also revealed the first two funding projects. One of the first funding goals will be raising bitcoin cash for the nonprofit food charity Eatbch in Vene..

Status, an Ethereum Private Messenger Goes Waku on Telegram

Interview Startup Status raised $100 M in its 2017 initial coin offering on the premise of building a private messenger based on the Whisper protocol that allows Ethereum DApps to communicate. Each smartphone that runs a Status app becomes a node, and all the messaging runs on a peer-to-peer netwo..

Bitcoin & Traditional Markets Drop 3% as Coronavirus Spreads in Italy

Markets News On Monday morning equities markets in the United States and Europe dropped sharply as investors fear over the continued spread of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, intensified. Earlier in the day, the Italian government instituted a quarantine on 10 towns as the number of peopl..

Bitcoin Halving Will Drop Inflation Rate Lower Than Central Banks’ 2% Target Reference

When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, the creator designed the protocol to be an inflationary currency, one that is predictable as bitcoin’s inflation always decreases every four years. Today, 77 days before the reward halving, BTC’s inflation rate is around 3.6% and it’s expected to drop to 1.8% ..

Lawyers Duke it Out Over Who Gets To Lead the Class Action Suit Against...

News In a U.S. courthouse for the Southern District of New York, Judge Katherine Failla heard this afternoon from three plaintiff teams suing iFinex et. al. and vying to serve as lead counsel in the emerging class action with potentially tens of thousands of injured members. IFinex’s Tether (USDT)..