Courts Will Seize BTC With Miners’ Help: Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright

News Self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) creator Craig Wright claims that Bitcoin can and will be seized to accommodate court orders. On Feb. 26, Bitcoin influencer Peter McCormack published screenshots showing Wright claiming that the first seizure of Bitcoin by courts will happen this year and won’t r..

Are Miners Prepared for the Halving of Bitcoin?

Opinion Anyone following crypto news has undoubtedly seen numerous articles that forecast Bitcoin’s (BTC) valuation following the upcoming halving slated to take place in May of this year. And although the price of Bitcoin is clearly important to the industry and investors at large, planning for t..

Steven Seagal Charged by SEC for Promoting 2018 ICO

News The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged actor Steven Seagal for promoting an initial coin offering (ICO) without disclosing that he was paid for it. He was ordered to pay back over $330,000 to the commission. In March 2018, Steven Seagal was contracted by ICO project “Bitcoii..

Ethereum Price Set for More Downside, Is $200 Next?

Ethereum price may be affected by the overall downturn in altcoins right now, as the market flashes red once again. The asset already slid from its recent highs above $270, and may push back to the $200 range. Ethereum Price Turns Down Sharply, Further Correction Possible For a brief stint, ETH beca..

Binance Joins Blockchain Network for Cross-Industry KYC Data Sharing

News Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance has partnered with public blockchain protocol Shyft Network as it readies itself to comply with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulations. The Shyft Network was designed to provide a decentralized solution for crypto industry players to fulfill global ..