US Lawmaker Claims Stimulus Bill Bolsters Fed Secrecy, Pork Funds, and Wall Street Bailouts

On Friday, U.S. bureaucrats passed the 2020 stimulus bill, which has become the largest cash injection package ever created by the federal government. However, following the bill making it through the Senate and House, Republican representative Thomas Massie told the public the stimulus bill bolster..

Malta Denies Two Crypto Exchanges Have License to Operate

News The Malta Financial Services Authority, or MFSA, has issued an alert on March 25 about two crypto exchanges that do not have licenses to operate, nor are they regulated in the country. COINMALEX and Crypto Foxtrades are the exchanges that the country’s financial watchdog alluded to in the sta..

Can Bitcoin Rally Next Week? Skeptical Analyst Throws Light

A number of signals continue to tie Bitcoin to the present global economic crisis. Although the flagship cryptocurrency has shown stability over the past few days, some analysts now see more price drops ahead. Global Stock Market Will Impact Bitcoin Josh Rager has posted a chart showing that the S&P..

Cryptocurrency News From Japan: March 22-28 in Review

News This week’s headlines from Japan included Bitbank adding smartphone compatibility for identity verification, Fobi Japan announcing leverage trading, Coincheck announcing order limits, Rakuten Wallet announcing margin trading, and product trading company Marubeni testing blockchain for tracing..

Fake COVID-19 Treatments Ask for Bitcoin Payments on Social Media

A twitter post on January 29 promoted a website selling a so-called cure for coronavirus, accepting Bitcoin as payment. Scams such as this have proliferated as the global crisis escalates. Scammers Selling False Hope & Asking for Bitcoin The Russian-based website selling the fake cure has been deact..

Madrid Team Builds Iota-Based Decentralized Information Platform to Combat Coronavirus

News A team based in Madrid, one of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic, has released an Iota Tango platform that helps combat the coronavirus. AidSquadGeoDB is a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem which returns value to its creators, the users. Luis Gelado, GeoDB CEO and..

Trump Signs Largest Relief Bill in US History: When Will Americans Get Stimulus Checks

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed into law what he calls the largest single economic relief bill in history. “At $2.2 trillion dollars, this bill will deliver urgently-needed relief for our nation’s families, workers, and businesses,” Trump said. Americans are expected to receive stimulus check..

Talking Digital Future: Artificial Intelligence

Expert Take I chose artificial intelligence as my next topic, as it can be considered as one of the most known technologies, and people imagine it when they talk about the future. But the right question would be: What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is not something that just h..