Programmable Art Designed to Evolve on Ethereum? Meet the Async Art Project

Some of the ecosystem’s top cryptoartists have collaborated on a first-of-its-kind project that, among other things, shows how Ethereum can be a wellspring for innovation in the arts and not simply a one-trick, finance pony. That effort, Async Art, launched on February 25th, its inaugural gallery o..

Dapper Labs: The Team Behind CryptoKitties Secures UFC Licensing Deal

The minds behind CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, won’t be constrained by the realm of the adorable when it comes to their digital collectibles work, at least if their latest collaboration with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is any indication. On February 20th, the blockchain startup announced..

New Zealand Mulls Specific Crypto Tax Exemptions

Tax authorities in New Zealand are proposing certain crypto tax exemptions in a bid to aid the development of the emerging industry. If passed into law, New Zealand will become the latest to allow some form of crypto tax exemptions even as other jurisdictions move towards stricter cryptocurrency ta..

FDA Advised To Adopt Blockchain Technology For Drug Tracking

MediLedger, a blockchain-powered network tailored for the pharmaceutical industry has released a report stating that U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could benefit from blockchain adoption in the fight against counterfeit drugs. MediLegder Network Could Revolutionize FDA Drug Tracking Accord..

Judge Reduces Bitcoin Miner CEO’s Role in $27M Pump-And-Dump

A U.S. Judge has shown some sympathies to Robert B. Ladd, the CEO of Bitcoin mining firm MGT Capital Investments, over an alleged $27mn pump-and-dump scheme. District Judge Edgardo Ramos said that the SEC had failed to provide sufficient evidence that Ladd had violated securities laws. However, the ..

Judge Says Plaintiff Can Proceed Against AT&T in $24M Hack Case

News On Feb. 24, a California federal judge ruled that cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin can proceed with his lawsuit against telecom corporation AT&T over a $24 million SIM hacking incident. Terpin is arguing that an AT&T agent who was bribed by a criminal gang supplied data that allowed the..