Half of Predictions Are Right Half the Time — BTC’s Halving Divides Opinions

Analysis The renowned Mike Novogratz, founder of digital assets merchant bank Galaxy Digital, has once again voiced his predictions on the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in light of the impending Bitcoin halving set for May 2020. According to Novogratz, the inceptive cryptocurrency will likely breach the ..

Understanding Defi Flash Loans: Complex Attacks, Inflation and Composable Systems

Two recent flash loans on the defi platform Bzx have started a fierce debate about the subject of using uncollateralized loans in a quick trade. Essentially these flash loans are providing people with the ability to borrow crypto without relinquishing any collateral. The scheme was used to exploit f..

Brave Challenges Google’s Advertising Power Before the UK Competition Watchdog

The company behind the privacy-oriented browser Brave has set out to convince regulators in the U.K. to end Google’s advertising monopoly in the digital space. In a filing with the country’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Brave puts forward recommendations on how to “neutralize” the tech g..

Are the BZx Flash Loan Attacks Signaling the End of DeFi?

Follow up Earlier this week, the decentralized lending protocol bZx was exploited in back-to-back “flash loan” attacks. While the two exploits were distinct, the end results remained the same. In total, $954,000 was gleaned from the platform. But what exactly happened? Was it an exploit, a simple ..

Get Ready for the Bitcoin Halving – Here Are 9 Countdown Clocks You Can...

The anticipation for the block reward halving for BTC, BCH, and BSV has been building. All three cryptocurrencies will see rewards halved from 12.5 to 6.25 coins throughout the months of April and May. The following is a comprehensive list of websites that are counting down each crypto’s reward halv..

BTC Crash, Fraud and Anti-Hodling: Bad Crypto News of the Week

AUDIO The Bitcoin community collectively facepalmed after BTC fell back below $10,000. It was the result of an $800 crash that took place over the course of one hour, the fifth-largest one-hour drop ever recorded. But some analysts are calling for an unprecedented rally ahead of the pending halvin..