Brazil’s PIX Payments System Has the Same Spirit, but Not a Blockchain Structure

Analysis The Central Bank of Brazil made some waves last week with its new instant payment system. While not blockchain-based, the new system, dubbed PIX, nevertheless is imbued with some of blockchain’s core attributes. Money transfers have historically been slow, cumbersome and expensive. For ex..

Malta Regulator Clarifies Legal Status of Binance

News In a recent interview, a Malta parliamentarian has sought to clarify the legal status of top cryptocurrency exchange Binance within the island country. Speaking to Cointelegraph, Malta’s Junior Minister for Financial Services and Digital Economy, Bartolo Clayton, reaffirmed that Binance has n..

Bitfinex Claims Repayment Of $100 Million To Tether

Bitfinex has announced that it has repaid its sister company, Tether, USD $100 million of the $700 million it borrowed early last year. This controversial loan sparked rumors of insolvency, and an investigation from the New York State Attorney General. PAYMENT TIED TO LAST YEAR’S FUNDING DEBACLE The..

Catch Nomad Capitalist Live At Playa Del Carmen

For the first time in four years, the premier offshore consulting firm Nomad Capitalist is bringing you the world’s #1 offshore conference. From September 16-19, 2020, take in the beauty of Playa del Carmen, Mexico while learning how to create a life of freedom and prosperity on a global scale. Noma..

MIT Professor: Blockchain Is Good on Its Own but Not Good for Voting

News Computer scientist Ronald Rivest has said that blockchain is not the right technology for voting, although it can find proper application in a number of other areas. Rivest delivered his opinion at the RSA Security Conference, held in San Francisco earlier this week, technology-focused news o..

Price Analysis Feb 28: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LINK

Price Analysis Recently, the chairman of Virgin Galactic Chamath Palihapitiya said that “everybody should probably have 1% of their assets in Bitcoin,” as it is “an uncorrelated hedge” to the excesses in the financial industry. He did not approve of the strategy to buy Bitcoin only when the equity..