CoinGecko CEO: ‘Hard for CoinMarketCap to Stay Neutral’

News Just one week after exchange Binance announced its acquisition of CoinMarketCap (CMC) — one of the most-referenced crypto data websites — some prominent figures in the crypto community are speaking out. Bobby Ong, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CoinGecko, gave an interview to..

Brave Tokens Available for Trading on Gemini Starting April 24

News Brave, the open-source pay-to-surf browser, will soon have more options for trading its signature token. In April 6 blog post on the Gemini website, the platform announced they would soon support trading for Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT). Users will be able to deposit BAT into their Gem..

Bitcoin Price Will Go Up as Only Profitable Miners Remain: Data Analyst

Interview Approximately 4-weeks ago global equities markets were in distress as investors finally realized that the coronavirus was not just an illness restricted to China, but rather a global pandemic which could permanently damage economics across the globe. Crypto markets were not shielded fro..

Investigating Digital Assets in Japan Stymied by Nature of Crypto

News According to top government officials in Japan, the current national tax system is not yet capable of accepting declarations of digital assets, potentially leading to outflows overseas. In a Q&A session at the Financial Statements Committee on April 6, Representative Shun Otokita of the Japan..

BitMEX Operator Gives $400K Sponsorship to Cybersecurity Nonprofit

News HDR Global Trading, the operator of crypto exchange BitMEX, is giving a $400,000 grant to the cybersecurity nonprofit Shadowserver Foundation. In an April 6 statement on the company’s blog, HDR Global Trading announced that it would offer $400,000 to the organization over the next four years...

Hyperbitcoinization: Visions of Bitcoin Fueling the Post Covid-19 Shadow Economy

With the recent coronavirus spread and its overall effect on the global economy, some people believe the powers that be are preparing a financial reset. During these times, a number of bitcoiners think a bitcoin-induced form of fiat currency demonetization will take place, otherwise known as ‘hyperb..

Bitcoin Price Rallies Higher but Must Hit $8K to Start a Bull Market

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) closed the week up 15.4% at $6,775 and has started the day with a further 6% move to the upside, breaching the $7,000 handle and making highs at $7,300. Looking at performance relative to its peers, Ether (ETH) and EOS have posted an impressive 16% gain over the last..