April Fools, Celebrity Scams, & Manipulated Markets: Bad Crypto News of the Week

AUDIO Bitcoin seems to be settling happily above $6,000 and is currently just north of $6,500 again. Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of those $5,000 movements and we’re ready for a steady climb back to double figures before the halving in mid-May. It’s getting closer. In the meantime, the Federal R..

Staking, Consensus and the Pursuit of Decentralization

Use Case Oh, the wonders of decentralized consensus — that dream of permissionless blockchains to be censorship-resistant, trustless, collaborative and egalitarian for a potentially global community of users. While lofty in ideals, consensus is foundational for each crypto network, which must agre..

Blockchain Experts Weigh in on Russia’s Controversial Coronavirus Tracking App

News Experts suggest that blockchain technology could have been a better solution for handling coronavirus-related data in Russia. Moscow’s COVID-19 App is pulled from Google PlayOn March 25, an app called “Social monitoring” appeared in Google Play store. According to the app’s description, it wa..

YouTuber Gets Banned by Western Union for Life, Bitcoin Fixes This

A business owner has posted a YouTube video asserting that Western Union inexplicably banned him for life as a result of his dealings in central Africa. Bitcoin fixes this. Ban Comes Without Explanation In the video Ben Taylor, a.k.a. Pleasant Green, discusses the establishment of a photography busi..

Crypto Community Largely Approves of Binance Acquiring CoinMarketCap

Follow up Despite markets all over the world facing ever-worsening economic troubles amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems as though the crypto industry has been able to weather the storm, at least thus far. In this regard, Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — has rece..

Billionaire Optimistic On Bitcoin as a ‘Flight to Safety’

News In an interview with Morgan Creek Digital founder, Anthony Pompliano, Chamath Palihapitiya, billionaire CEO of venture capital firm, Social Capital, said that now could be Bitcoin’s time to shine. “I think Bitcoin needed a moment like this for it to be relevant,” Palihapitiya said. “It’s stil..

Evidence Shows Politicians and Wall Street CEOs Expected the Market Crash Well Before Covid-19

The coronavirus outbreak has sent shockwaves through the world’s economy and this has caused politicians and central bankers to react in various ways. However, global market leaders, Wall Street CEOs and hedge fund managers had one of the best years in more than a decade since the 2008 financial cri..

Voyager Onboards 40,000 Circle Invest Customers

News Crypto trade service firm, Voyager Digital Canada, has completed its acquisition of Circle’s retail-facing investment app. On April 3, Voyager announced it had onboarded Circle Invest’s more than 40,000 accounts onto its platform — excluding residents of New York, North Carolina, and Alaska. ..

What Would it Cost to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig Today? has put together an updated analysis of the present cost of putting together a profitable Bitcoin mining rig. This information provides a unique insight into the complexities of the ever-changing mining landscape. DETERMINING THE COST IS COMPLEX In the article, the mining pool notes that ..