If Bitcoin Hits $8K, What Will Happen Next?

Video Bitcoin has been holding above $7K, but where will its next move take it? Many investors are eyeing $8K as a key level for continuing Bitcoin’s upward momentum and possibly pushing it into a bull market. However, a couple traders believe Bitcoin could easily make a reversal in the near futur..

Blockchain to Authenticate Coronavirus-Response KN95 Face Masks From China

Analysis As the United States continues to struggle with a shortage of N95 masks needed to combat the deadly coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration announced on April 3 that it has approved the use of KN95 masks in the country. Unlike N95 masks that are tested and certified by the National ..

Petro Couldn’t Save the Cartel of the Suns Conspiracy From the Sting of Sanctions

Expert Take At the end of February, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed its Cryptocurrency Intelligence Program, which targets peer-to-peer and darknet markets for the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. Then, in a press conference one month later, the U.S. Department of Ju..

Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Explained

Algorithmic trading looks to remove the human factor and instead follows predetermined, statistics-based strategies that can be run 24/7 by computers with minimal oversight. Computers can offer multiple advantages over human traders. For one, they can stay active all day, every day without sleep. T..

Binance Rejects Charges of Embezzlement, Shares Its Side of Story

Binance reacted to recent allegations that it had embezzled hundreds of thousands of US dollars in cryptocurrency from a user, referring to recent reports covering the situation as false information. Binance Complied with Korean Law Enforcement’s Request On Wednesday, Bitcoinist reported that Binanc..

Bitcoin Price Ignores $2.3T Fed Cash as Pundit Warns of ‘Sucker Rally’

Market Update Bitcoin (BTC) braved less volatile but choppy trading on April 9 as the United States Federal Reserve flooded markets with trillions in dollars. Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360 Fed rolls out trillions in loansData from Coin360 and Cointelegraph Markets showed B..

Eidoo Card Is Available for Pre-Order – Seamlessly Connect Your Fiat and Crypto Wallets

Gone are the days when online fiat payment processors and digital wallets were viewed as something new and innovative. By now, most people are used to shopping online, especially in developed countries. The current payment processors are well-established and they’ve gained the public’s trust. They’..

Sony and Other Major Multinationals File 212 Blockchain Patents in China in 2020

News China has been a hotspot for blockchain patents and development. As Cointelegraph previously reported, the National Intellectual Property Administration of China has awarded 2,191 blockchain patents between 2017 to 2019. Major multinational companies have also shown immense interest in filing..