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Alethea to Launch Decentralized Network for Deepfakes and Synthetic Content

News Alethea AI is launching a decentralized Synthetic Content Network to track the usage and intellectual property of AI-generated content. The company plans to offer a wide selection of content, including but not limited to face-swapped deepfake videos. Alethea is a production studio for AI-gene..

Blockchain Will Be Most In-Demand Hard Skill in 2020: LinkedIn

News Blockchain will be the most in-demand hard skill in 2020, according to a new study by the educational subsidiary of professional social network LinkedIn. A newcomer to LinkedIn’s annual list of top-demanded hard skills, blockchain now tops the list of the most-needed skills in 2020, according..

Andreessen Horowitz: Bitcoin Will Usher in ‘Influencer Coins’ by 2030

News Looking ahead to what we can expect by the new decade’s end, VC firm Andreessen Horowitz predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to be central to the monetization mechanisms that future online influencers will use. In its Dec. 30 vignette of a highly automated future — where food is tailored to..

Tech Development, Investments and NFT to Drive Crypto Adoption in 2020

New Year Special As the end of the year draws closer, discussing what the future holds for the crypto industry becomes increasingly relevant. In particular, how global financial and technological trends will affect the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the coming year. Despite the critics, the numbe..

Insurance Industry Eyes Blockchain as Top Firms Begin Tests

Follow up On Dec. 12, the second-largest health insurance company in the United States announced plans to leverage blockchain technology to secure the medical data of all its 40 million members over the next three years. The most unique quality of a blockchain is that once a piece of information i..

TikTok Owner Reportedly Working With Chinese State Media on Blockchain

News Owner of major social media app TikTok, ByteDance, has launched a joint venture with state-owned Chinese media group and ThePaper.cn operator Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper to develop business models that include blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), Bloomberg reported on Dec. 14. TikTok..

Hybrid AI Firm Cindicator Launches Crypto Fund Based on Hybrid Intelligence

News Hybrid intelligence firm Cindicator is launching Cindicator Capital, a crypto hedge fund based on hybrid intelligence and quantitative research. In a press release on Dec. 11, the company said that this new crypto fund provides access to investment strategies based on hybrid intelligence data..

Study: Blockchain to Save $450B in Supply Chain Costs in Western Europe

News The implementation of blockchain technology in supply chains could save businesses in Western Europe $450 billion in logistics-related costs. According to a new study from Cointelegraph Consulting and Swiss enterprise blockchain firm Insolar, blockchain technology can reduce supply chain-rela..

Cointelegraph Launches Consulting Division to Drive Enterprise Blockchain Adoption, Partners With Insolar and VeChain

News Cointelegraph, the leading publication for blockchain and cryptocurrency news, has announced the launch of its Cointelegraph Consulting division. The new business sector is focused on advancing enterprise blockchain adoption by helping companies understand the potential of blockchain technolo..

EU Fights Corporatization of AI and Blockchain With Massive Investment

Expert Take The European Union's announcement of a new 110 million euro fund to support research on artificial intelligence and blockchain comes at a critical time for the AI industry, when issues at the intersection of privacy, security and AI are the focus of acute attention by government, ..

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