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Bitcoin Momentum Investing — Does Buy the Dump, Sell the Pump Work?

Market Analysis This week as equities markets plummeted across the globe, Bitcoin (BTC) price also faced a sharp correction. Over the past week Bitcoin price has dropped $1,500 and currently trades at $8,454, a new four week low. Since the start of the year Bitcoin and most major altcoins showed ..

This Crypto is Positioned for an Insane Rally as it Reaches Key Resistance

The month of February has been great for altcoins, with many smaller cryptos seeing intense upwards momentum that has allowed some to set fresh all-time highs, while others post significant gains against Bitcoin. This upwards momentum seen amongst many altcoins has led investors and analysts alike ..

Bitcoin’s Dominance Shows That Altseason May Be Over… For Now

Bitcoin’s insane 2020 uptrend has allowed the benchmark cryptocurrency to rally from lows of $6,800 to highs of $10,500. Although these gains are nothing to scoff at, this bullishness has spilled over into the altcoin markets, allowing some other cryptos to significantly outperform BTC. Some of the..

Bitcoin Stable Around $8,000 as Altcoins Experience Relief Rallies

Bitcoin’s bout of extreme downwards momentum has slowed ever since it found support within the upper-$7,000 region earlier this past week, which has allowed most major altcoins to post decent gains today. In the near-term, it is highly probable that Bitcoin will be the impetus behind any major move..

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