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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bullish Divergence Forms At $10K, is $11K Next?

Bitcoin breaks 5-day long up-trend, dropping back to key support levels at $9,800. Since then bullish divergence appears to have formed on lower time-frames and could spur a reversal in the coming days. Bitcoin 1-Hour Analysis On the 1 hour chart for the XBT/USD pair, we can see the ascending wedg..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Rally Set For $12,000 Next Week

Over the last 5 days, Bitcoin has bounced off the 0.382 Fibonacci level as mentioned in my previous analysis. Since then price levels have risen sharply testing resistance just shy of $11,000. An influx of new volume could propel price levels to $12,000 next week. Bitcoin 1-Hour Analysis On the 1 ..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Rising Wedge Could Drive BTC to $8.8K

Bitcoin can be seen bouncing off the 0.382 Fibonacci level around $9,600 as price action visibly creates an ascending wedge. Many bearish indicators point towards a break-down and lower low in the coming days. Bitcoin 1-Hour Analysis On the 1 hour chart for XBT/USD, we can see an ascending wedge ..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears Shake Bullish Market Sentiment

Bitcoin Price levels have dropped $2,000 within the last 48 hours as bears begin to shake the current bullish market sentiment. Continuation of the pull-back to key support around $8,800 is likely over the coming days.Bitcoin 30-Minute Price Analysis On the 30 minute chart for XBT/USD, we can se..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Looks To Break $11,000 Support

A recent break-down out of the asymmetrical triangle mentioned in my previous BTC analysis looks poised to continue down to support levels below $11,000. Bitcoin price levels hold above $11,000 for now but the low volume could cause this support to break. Bitcoin Price 4-Hour Analysis On the 4 ho..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: $12.4K in Sight as Bullish Pennant Forms

Bitcoin sentiment is still very much bullish as price levels increase $2,000 since the beginning of August. On the charts we can now see a bullish pennant has formed which could be foreshadowing an imminent breakout to the next resistance above at $12,400.Bitcoin Price 1-Hour Analysis On the 1 h..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Fails To Surpass $12,400 Resistance

Bulls have been well in control of price action over the last few days as price levels rise 18% since the breakout mentioned in my previous analysis on Bitcoin. Bearish signs start have started to show as market price trades below a key resistance level at $12,400. Bitcoin Price 2-Hour Analysis O..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC FOMO Could Surpass $12.4K This Week

In my previous analysis, we looked at the strength of the new Bitcoin uptrend as price levels traded just below $11,000 resistance. Since then, bulls have been well in control resulting in further upside towards $12,000. Bitcoin Price 1-Hour Chart On the 1 hour chart for XBT/USD, we can see how Bi..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Breakout Looming But Which Way Will it Go?

Since the breakout mentioned in my previous Bitcoin analysis, price levels have continued upwards and is now trading in a decision point range. We will know if the recent bullish breakout is sustainable within the next few days. Bitcoin 30-Minute Chart On the 30 minute chart for XBT/USD, we can s..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bearish Divergence to $8.8K Likely

Price action for Bitcoin over the last few weeks seems to have created three higher highs visible on most time-frames. Despite the Bullish sentiment, most indicators have created three lower lows displaying potential bearish divergence around $9,800.Bitcoin 8 Hour Chart On the 8 hour chart for ..

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