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Bitcoin Risk-Adjusted Returns Beat Gold, Stocks After Each Halving

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) outperforms major assets such as gold, real estate and stocks if an investor holds it for just four years, popular data confirms. Highlighting the success of Bitcoin as an investment tool on Jan. 22, veteran cryptographer Nick Szabo noted Bitcoin is so far unmatched c..

What is Bitcoin Halving? Complete Guide to this Mining Change

Every four years or so, bitcoin undergoes an important event known as the “bitcoin halving”. This first happened in 2012, and again in 2016. Likewise, it will happen again next year around May 2020. What is the bitcoin halving? What impacts does it have on the economics of bitcoin? In this article,..

Google Searches for Bitcoin Spike After BTC Price Hits 6-Month Lows

News Bitcoin (BTC) has sparked fresh interest from mainstream consumers after its price nosedived to its lowest levels since May this week. According to data from Google Trends, “Bitcoin” and associated terms have increased in popularity conspicuously over the past week. “Bitcoin halving” back in..

At Current Rates, Cash App To Buy 16% of New BTC Supply After Halving

News Square’s mobile payments application Cash App will be buying 16% of Bitcoin’s (BTC) new supply if the company keeps buying at the same rate after the halfing if the price does not go up. Twitter account dedicated to Bitcoin Rhythm pointed out in a tweet from Nov. 7 that the company’s Bitcoin ..

New Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Chart Shows Bearish Periods Precede Halvings

Market Analysis Since Bitcoin’s (BTC) creation in 2009, the digital asset has undergone a halving event every four years, cutting the number of coins constantly entering the ecosystem in half, making it a deflationary asset. Based on its hard-coded scarcity, and in line with its halvings, Bitcoin..

The 18 Millionth Bitcoin To Be Mined this Friday, Only 3 Million Left

News The 18 millionth Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to be mined this Friday, American investor and co-founder of investment firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano tweeted on Oct. 15. Only three million BTC leftPompliano also noted that, at this point, there are only three million BTC left ..

Next Bitcoin Halving May Not Lead to Bull Market, Says Bitmain CEO

News Jihan Wu, co-founder and CEO of Chinese mining giant Bitmain, believes the next Bitcoin (BTC) block reward halving may not lead to a bull market, but the coin’s price will grow in the long term. According to Chinese industry news outlet 8BTC’s report published on Oct. 11, Wu made his remarks ..

Bitcoin Passes New Milestone as Network Mines 85% of Its Total Supply

News Bitcoin (BTC) now has 85% of its supply in circulation as of August 1, leaving just 3.15 million new coins for the next 120 years. 3.15 million bitcoins, 120 yearsAccording to data from monitoring resource Blockchain, Thursday saw Bitcoin miners extract the 17,850,000th unit as part of the t..

‘Still Positive About $1 Million Bitcoin Price By 2020 End’: John McAfee

Bears showed up en masse to administer a proper beatdown to Bitcoin price today. Where do we go from here? Big Players Orchestrate a ShakeOut On Sunday bears launched a coordinated assault on Bitcoin price which resulted in the price dropping below $10,000 for the first time since July 2. By the we..

BTC and LTC Halving ‘Shock’ May Be Mitigated by Merged Mining: Report

News The effect of block reward halvings for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (BTC) mining could be mitigated by merged mining, according to a report by a research arm of major crypto exchange Binance released on July 12. Following Charlie Lee’s prediction that some miners may shut down Litecoin mi..

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