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This Eerie Pattern Shows Bitcoin Could be on the Cusp of a Massive 100%+...

Bitcoin’s recent price action has made it incredibly unclear as to where the cryptocurrency could be positioned to move next, with its recent drop below $10,000 suggesting that bulls do not have enough strength to surmount the resistance that exists around this price level. In the near-term, Bitcoi..

Bitcoin Holds Extremely Important Price, Suggesting Rally Back to $10,000 is Possible

Bitcoin really hasn’t done too well over the past day or two. As detailed in previous market updates from Ethereum World News, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has been subject to extreme volatility, falling from $10,300 to as low as $9,200 (on some exchanges) in the span of a few hours. Thi..

Bitcoin Could See an Intense Reversal if It Breaks Below this Critical Level

Bitcoin has been caught within the throes of intense turbulence over the past day, with the cryptocurrency incurring a violent selloff yesterday that sent it reeling from $10,200 to lows of $9,200. In the time since this capitulatory drop, Bitcoin has been able to climb higher, and its early-mornin..

Here’s Why Analysts Aren’t Worried After Bitcoin’s 10% Plunge to $9,250

Bitcoin didn’t fare too well on Wednesday. After recovering 8.4% to $10,300 after a 10% retracement to $9,500, bears returned to brutalize bulls. In the span of a few hours time, the price of BTC tanked off a cliff, falling as low as $9,250 on some exchanges, shocking the entire industry in the proc..

Bitcoin’s 10% Flash Crash May Actually Satisfy This Bullish Chart Pattern

Bitcoin didn’t fare too well on Wednesday. After recovering to $10,300 from the weekend’s low of $9,500 — a gain of just over 8% — the price of the leading cryptocurrency fell off a cliff as the day came to a close on Wednesday. In the span of a few hours, BTC plunged from $10,300 to as low as $9,2..

An Abundance of These Hidden Signs Show Bitcoin is About to See Explosive Momentum

Bitcoin has found some notable stability above $10,000 following yesterday’s massive rally that allowed BTC to surmount the resistance it was facing between $9,600 and $10,000. Its recent bounce does suggest that bulls have some significant strength. The course of its recent uptrend has also allowe..

Bitcoin Just Bounced at a Key Level, Signaling Further Gains are Imminent

Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have seen some turbulence over the past couple of days, with bears gaining firm control over the entire market after BTC broke below $10,000 this past weekend. Analysts are now noting that things may not be as bearish as they seem, as Bitcoin has been able ..

Here’s the Key Level Bitcoin Needs to Hold Above to Remain Bullish

Bitcoin has been caught within intense turbulence over the past several day and weeks, with its recent price action being primarily bear-favoring as the cryptocurrency struggles to gain any notable upwards momentum after falling below its key support level at $10,000. In the near-term, despite the ..

Bitcoin’s Dominance Shows That Altseason May Be Over… For Now

Bitcoin’s insane 2020 uptrend has allowed the benchmark cryptocurrency to rally from lows of $6,800 to highs of $10,500. Although these gains are nothing to scoff at, this bullishness has spilled over into the altcoin markets, allowing some other cryptos to significantly outperform BTC. Some of the..

Bitcoin’s Intense Rally to Continue Once it Breaks This Key Level

Bitcoin’s 2020 uptrend has been unwavering, with the crypto posting steady gains without ever incurring any notable pullback throughout the course of this rally. Overnight, however, the crypto experienced some intense volatility that appeared to be bear’s attempt at invalidating Bitcoin’s bullish m..

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