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Bitcoin Price Short-Term Indicators Hinting at $7.4K Weekend Bounce

Market Analysis The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has headed north over the last 24 hours, up over 1% at $7,272. As a result, each of the major cryptocurrencies has followed the market leader with the total cryptocurrency market cap reaching $198 billion and BTC dominance remaining steady at 67% of the t..

Bitcoin Whale ‘Defends’ $7.2K Price With 800 BTC to Win $0.01 in DOGE

Market Update Bitcoin (BTC) price may have spiked throughout the global market on Dec. 12 due to the actions of a single bagholder — trying to win a $10,000 Dogecoin (DOGE) bet. In an ongoing Twitter exchange, a Bitcoin whale known as Joe007 and Dogecoin supporter Samu publicly jostled for suprema..

Bitcoin Price ‘Boring and Fragile’ as Trader Plans for Dip Below $7K

Market Update Bitcoin (BTC) continued its broad downtrend towards $7,000 support on Dec. 12, failing to break out of a behavioral pattern that has left traders uninspired.Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360 Bitcoin could face “significant drop”Data from Coin360 showed BTC/USD t..

Why Bitcoin Price Is Headed to 7-Month Low If $7K Support Fails

Market Analysis For the past few days, Bitcoin price (BTC) has ranged between $7,400 to $7,100 and it seems bears are keen to push the price back below $7,000 before this week closes. Earlier in the week, MATIC made headlines after dropping more than 60% in the span of a few minutes and a few oth..

It’s All About $7,400 for Bitcoin Price as a Big Move Is Now Imminent

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) closed the week slightly above $7,500 up 1.56% ($115), which marks the first positive week since the close of the first week of August. Today Bitcoin touched a high at $7,660 following and a low at $7,370 with most of the price action taking place in the second half o..

Bitcoin Price Fills $7.5K Futures ‘Gap’ as Trader Weighs $8K Potential

Market Update Bitcoin (BTC) fluctuated around $7,500 on Dec. 9 after a weekend of range-bound movement reduced volatility concerns for traders.Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360 Bitcoin delivers classic futures “bounce”Data from Coin360 and Cointelegraph Markets showed the lar..

Tim Draper Asserts $250,000 Still in Bitcoin’s Scope as Price Flails

For some reason or another, many investors and analysts have begun to fear the worst for the medium-term outlook of the Bitcoin market over the past few months. Mark Dow, a hedge fund manager that shorted BTC when it traded at $19,000 in December 2017, recently claimed that the cryptocurrency will ..

Sorry — But Bitcoin Can Still Drop to $2.7K While Everyone’s Bullish

Market Analysis As the Bitcoin price (BTC) begins to slowly ascend, the question on everyone’s minds is whether the latest bottom is in, or whether there is more pain ahead. In this article, I will aim to provide some insight as to what one can expect based on the information from the charts.D..

Bitcoin Price Diary: 6 Altcoins That Are Currently Making Me Avoid BTC

Market Analysis Since publishing the last trading journal two weeks ago, I have made a number of altcoin trades but not a single Bitcoin (BTC) trade other than closing my long from $6,900 in segments between $7,550 and $7,700. Currently, I am trading Matic Network (MATIC), WePower (WPR), Zilliqa (..

Bitcoin Price Must Now Break $8.2K to End 6-Month Losing Streak

Market Analysis While Bitcoin (BTC) is in a range between $6,800-$8,200, some altcoins have shown impressive movements during the past week. Some examples are MATIC (+83%) and RVN (+46%). These movements generally occur during low volatility periods in Bitcoin.Crypto market daily performance. S..

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