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Bitcoin Price Fear & Greed Index Turns Blood Red Under 8K — Time to...

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped out of the descending triangle, causing a level of extreme fear to spread throughout the entire crypto market. Bitcoin price remains bearish since the top at $13,800, as the price has been trending downwards in a channel. However, is the price of Bitcoi..

Study Finds Bitcoin’s Most Volatile from Midnight to 1 A.M. (UTC)

Data analysts at Longhash found that Bitcoin’s price action fluctuates most from midnight to 1 a.m. UTC. Could this present an opportunity for day traders? Does the Early Bird Get the Worm? A recently published report from Longhash found that Bitcoin’s most volatile trading hours occur between midn..

Roubini vs Hayes: A Breakdown of the Tangle in Taipei

BitMEX has finally released the unedited video of its CEO, Arthur Hayes, debating noted economist, Nouriel Roubini, at the Asia Blockchain Summit earlier this month. The 53-minute long discussion ventured into uncomfortable territories of both the bitcoin and mainstream finance. While Roubini kept ..

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears Struggle To Gain Momentum

The most recently formed rising wedge shown in my previous bitcoin price analysis broke to the downside less than 24 hours ago. Despite the bearish break-down there seems to be no real bearish momentum, despite the large selling volume. Price action seems to have formed strong support at POC (Point ..

Iran Formally Allows Bitcoin Mining Despite Trading Ban

Iran will adopt a strangely paradoxical stance on Bitcoin as it legalizes mining while maintaining a ban on trading. Central Bank: Bitcoin Mining ‘Should Be Done’ According to local media outlet Press-TV and others, Iran’s central bank plans to allow cryptocurrency mining some legal freedom follow..

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