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Crypto in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges, Explained

Increasingly so, and you could argue that parts of the continent are world-leading. Back in April, Google Trends data revealed that Lagos in Nigeria has the world’s highest volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC). A lot of this is driven by frustration toward existing payment solutions, w..

Grin’s Mimblewimble Privacy Model Under Threat After Alleged Break-In

Analysis On Nov. 18, crypto researcher Ivan Bogatyy published an article on Medium claiming that he had found an extremely easy way of bypassing Grin’s Mimblewimble privacy protocol. As part of his efforts, Bogatyy stated that he was able to trace over 96% of all Grin-related transactions in real ..

Secrets They Missed at DevCon: What It’s Really Like in a Working DAO

Opinion The topic of decentralized autonomous organizations is echoing loud and clear from the halls of this year’s DevCon to CryptoTwitter. Multiple projects at DevCon, including Aragon and MolochDAO, presented their commitments to decentralize power across a DAO, or, a group organized by rules e..

Grin Devs Respond: Mimblewimble Privacy Isn’t ‘Fundamentally Flawed’

News The developers of privacy-centric cryptocurrency Grin (GRIN) have hit back at the fundamental claims of an article purporting to have “broken” the coin’s privacy model. In a Medium blog post published on Nov. 19, Grin core dev Daniel Lehnberg argued that the so-called breakage did not go beyo..

Cryptocurrency Regulation: An Indian Perspective

Expert Take Cryptocurrencies, with a market capitalization of over $200 billion, can no longer be dismissed as just a fad. While still making up only a tiny fraction of overall global financial markets, they have matured from the ranks of fledgling startups to being leveraged by large enterprises ..

Binance CEO: It’ll Be Hard for Nations to Outrun China on Blockchain

News Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of crypto exchange Binance, says the Chinese President’s endorsement of blockchain will inevitably drive mass adoption of crypto. In an interview with Bloomberg Markets: Asia on Nov. 15, Zhao — better known by his industry moniker “CZ” — gave his perspective on..

China’s State-Run Media: Bitcoin Is Blockchain’s First Success

News The official Chinese state-run Xinhua News Agency has published a report recognizing Bitcoin (BTC) as “the first successful application of blockchain technology.” Published today, Nov. 11, the coverage is exceptional given China’s abiding hardline stance against decentralized cryptocurrencie..

Could Blockchain Technology Prevent the Next Financial Crisis?

Opinion A central bank’s role is to manage a nation’s currency, money supply and interest rates. The United States did not have a central bank until 1913, when Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. Since then, the Federal Reserve has been accountable for the elasticity of the U.S..

The Dangers of Mining Pools: Centralization and Security Issues

Opinion The larger percentage of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that turn to mining pools, all the more dangerous this kind of mining is likely to become. The reason is simple: The potential rewards grow in correspondence with the number of participants and their hash power, and so too does the incent..

China: Veteran Regulator Tells Sichuan to Tap Hydropower for Blockchain

News A veteran Chinese regulator has told those tasked with steering the strategic development of Sichuan province to tap surplus hydropower for the blockchain industry. Jiang Yang — former vice-chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission — advised strategists that: “Sichuan should stud..

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