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Bloomberg: Bitcoin Price Just Printed Key Sell Signal At $8,600

Since hitting $9,200 late last week, Bitcoin (BTC) has paused, with bulls failing to maintain a momentum that brought the cryptocurrency 43% higher in a month’s time at the peak of the recent price surge. As of the time of writing this, the cryptocurrency has retraced 8 or so percent to $8,600. Al..

Crypto Futures Volume Is Now At 50% of Spot Trading Volume

News Crypto futures trading volume now reportedly amounts to nearly 50% of the value of spot trading on crypto markets, according to Bloomberg. 13 exchanges analyzedCiting volume data from 13 major global crypto exchanges, Bloomberg reported on a massive growth of cryptocurrency futures markets Oc..

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) at $8,500 is Best, Says Analyst

Why Buy Bitcoin at $8,500? After falling to $9,100, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to pick itself up from its bootstraps, rallying to $10,800. As of the time of writing this, the rally has paused, with the cryptocurrency falling back to $10,400. Despite this strong bounce, a Bloomberg guest recently sug..

Binance CEO: Retail Investors, Not Institutions, Are Leading the Bull Market

Contrary to popular belief, retail investors are still playing a major role in directing Bitcoin’s price action, says Binance CEO in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Who’s Really in Charge? As Bitcoin briefly touched $20,000 in early 2018, market analysts forecasted that the impending arrival of ..

Brexit and April Fool’s Joke Possible Catalysts for Crypto Rally, Crypto Reporter Says

News Hong Kong-based crypto reporter Eric Lam believes nobody in the crypto industry has a good theory to explain the recent recovery of crypto markets. Lam shared his stance with Bloomberg on April 3. On Tuesday, April 2, shortly after the Asian markets opened, the price Bitcoin (BTC) unexpectedl..

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