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Business Is Good: Coinbase Earned $2B in Transaction Fees Since 2012

In the 7 years since cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase launched, the company has achieved an uncommon feat: generating more profits from its operations than the money it has raised in its many fundraising rounds. Indeed, according to new remarks made by Coinbase chief executive officer Brian Armstro..

Coinbase Generated Nearly $2 Billion in Transaction Fees Since 2012

News At Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that Coinbase has generated close to $2 billion in transaction fees since it launched in 2012. On Oct. 23, the co-founder and CEO of major United States cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase told Vanit..

Coinbase CEO Wants Firm to Move Beyond Trading in Next 5 Years

News Brian Armstrong, CEO of major American crypto exchange and wallet service Coinbase, believes that the firm will be less about trading and more about adoption five years from now. Armstrong wants the firm to connect people in crypto industry In an AMA session on July 19, Armstrong presented hi..

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