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Red Cross Deploys Blockchain to Boost Communities’ Economic Resilience

News Three national units of the Red Cross — the largest humanitarian donor after the United Nations — are backing a blockchain-based currency scheme to enhance aid delivery and boost local economies. According to a report from the Thomas Reuters Foundation on Nov. 26, the Red Cross societies of N..

Meet the Unknown Fund: Donating $75M Bitcoin to Privacy Initiatives

As you likely know, the data of citizens are being pushed into the hands of a small set of companies. And this isn’t good. The oil of the 21st century, data is what drives today’s society; everything you do online is logged and used—often under the guise of “improving your life.” Sometimes, service..

Oxfam’s Blockchain-Based Agricultural Insurance Pays Farmers in Sri Lanka

News The United Kingdom-based charity organization Oxfam International announced the success of its blockchain-based delivery system of microinsurance to paddy field farmers in Sri Lanka. In a Nov. 4 press release, Etherisc announced that Oxfam’s blockchain-based insurance system had made pay-outs..

Not a Fee, But ‘Long-Term Payment’ — How Crypto Exchanges List Tokens

Analysis Visit the website of any stock exchange platform, like the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange, and the listing fees for new companies are there to see. There is hardly any controversy when it is clearly stated like this, but the same cannot be said for the cryptocurrency space. Here, n..

Kim Dotcom Donates K.im Bitcoin Fees to Julian Assange Ahead of $8M IEO

News Entrepreneur and Bitcoin (BTC) entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has revealed his new company K.im is directly supporting WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Dotcom offers Bitcoin to AssangeIn a tweet on Oct. 29, Dotcom said 10% of K.im’s transaction fees were going towards helping Assange’s ongoing leg..

Can Political Fundraising Through Crypto Find Mainstream Acceptance?

Analysis A Reuters report published on Oct. 8 claimed that Japan’s internal affairs and communications minister, Sanae Takaichi, confirmed to ministers in the country that crypto donations are not subject to financial regulations. However, in the same announcement, Takaichi mentioned that donating..

UNICEF Launches Cryptocurrency Fund Supported by Ethereum Foundation

News UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, has launched a cryptocurrency fund to support open source technology “benefiting children and young people around the world.” According to the official announcement published on Oct. 8, UNICEF thus became the first U.N. organization “to hold an..

ConsenSys and WWF Roll Out Platform for Transparency in Philanthropy

News ConsenSys, a blockchain startup founded by Ethereum’s (ETH) co-founder Joseph Lubin, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have jointly launched the Impactio platform to bring transparency into philanthropy. Per an announcement made on Sept. 24, a new partnership between ConsenSys and the WWF res..

Tron’s Justin Sun to Reschedule Warren Buffett Lunch ‘Very Soon’

News Tron founder and CEO, Justin Sun, says he’ll reschedule his charity lunch with Berkshire Hathaway chairman and billionaire Warren Buffett “very soon.” The CEO announced the news during a live stream on Tuesday, Sept. 24. An open invitation to the leader of the free worldAs reported, Sun had ..

Bitcoin Owners Are Giving Away Altcoins to Support TOR Project

Follow up On the lighter side of things in the cryptosphere, some Bitcoin (BTC) owners have been donating altcoins to the TOR Project — a nonprofit organization primarily responsible for running “The Onion Router.” For some Bitcoiners, the trend is a way of killing two birds with one stone — suppo..

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