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Dutch Crypto Companies Feeling Pressure From AMLD5

Smaller crypto businesses in the Netherlands face uncertain times as the Dutch National Bank (DNB) enforces its interpretation of the European Union’s fifth anti-money laundering directive (AMLD5). Despite stringent enforcement of the AML directive, the DBN claims the country remains crypto-friendl..

Global Finance Authority Urges U.S. to Step Up Crypto Regulation

Even with the coronavirus outbreak, 2020 still seems to be the year where crypto will become seriously regulated. Case in point: At the end of March, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) explained in its latest report on the state of compliance in the U.S. that it is lacking proper crypto regulat..

Brazilian Bitcoin Exchange Xdex Shuts Down Over Tough Crypto Laws

Xdex — a Brazilian Bitcoin exchange service has shut down its operations claiming tough regulatory measures in the country. The crypto exchange becomes the latest in Brazil to shutter as platforms continue to be crushed under the growing cost of compliance and lack of support from commercial banks...

New Zealand Mulls Specific Crypto Tax Exemptions

Tax authorities in New Zealand are proposing certain crypto tax exemptions in a bid to aid the development of the emerging industry. If passed into law, New Zealand will become the latest to allow some form of crypto tax exemptions even as other jurisdictions move towards stricter cryptocurrency ta..

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