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Cryptophyl.com Launches Dedicated Exchange for SLP Tokens and BCH

The team behind the former cryptocurrency exchange Voltaire recently announced the launch of a new trading platform specifically designed for Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. Three weeks ago the new exchange called Cryptophyl.com launched its trading engine and the first SLP token supported is t..

Blockchain.com Launches High Speed Crypto Exchange for Retail Traders

Cryptocurrency investors looking for a trading platform focused on high speed performance just got a brand new option, available from launch in over 240 markets around the world, including a select number of U.S. states. Popular wallet provider Blockchain.com is launching The Pit. Also Read: Blockc..

Will CoinMarketCap Ever Provide Accurate Crypto Data?

A recently published Forbes report found that CoinMarketCap continues to list exchanges that are known for providing fake crypto trading volume. Does this mean CoinMarketCap has given up on providing reliable data to investors? Fake Volume and Wash Trading Persist In early 2019 two separate researc..

CoinMarketCap’s enigmatic founder to make his first public appearance

We are hosting our first-ever large-scale conference! NEW YORK, JULY 18, 2019 – For the first time, our enigmatic founder will take the stage at our first large-scale conference happening on November 12-13 in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands. Brandon Chez, the little-known founder of CoinMarketCa..

A Day in the Life with the CoinMarketCap Team

(Featuring our small but mighty app) Morning in East Asia, 7:00 am The alarm clock rings to signal a new day. Still half asleep from staying up late, as the schedule of a global community manager dictates, Eric slowly brings himself to enter the consciousness state. He reaches for his cellphone, ru..

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