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Why Crypto? Banks Begin Restricting Withdrawals & Shutting Down

Fear has become more and more palpable over the past few days; despite dramatic measures being taken by the world’s governments and institutions, the number of cases of COVID-19 has continued to skyrocket, especially in the U.S. and Europe, while the death count continues to mount. As with any cris..

Surveying the Big Milestones Achieved in a Choppy Crypto Market Last Week

The cryptoeconomy was shellacked in the second week of March 2020, as the top U.S. stock indexes sunk past bear-market territories amid the coronavirus pandemic and an oil price war breaking out between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The de-risking sell-off in risk-on stocks hit the risk-on cryptoeconomy..

Why Did Cryptocurrency Become Money? A Look at The Modern Money System

Modern money is a curious creature. Officially, it is the debt of the nation that issues the currency, which makes it inherently a lack of value. Unofficially, it is a tool that governments and central banks use to manage the economy, and keep their captive audience in-line. Cryptocurrencies are th..

Bitcoin is Shaping Up to See Major Losses as Technical Strength Degrades

The aftermath of Bitcoin’s recent selloff that sent it reeling down to lows of $8,400 hasn’t been as bullish as investors may have hoped for, as the cryptocurrency has found itself caught within multiple bouts of sideways trading while struggling to gain any decisive momentum. As Bitcoin now hovers..

Bitcoin’s Market Structure is Growing Highly Bullish After Breaking Through This Level

Bitcoin saw a notable breakout today after being caught within a prolonged bout of sideways trading over the past several days and weeks, with today’s upwards movement bolstering the cryptocurrency’s market structure. One prominent trader is now that he believes that the cryptocurrency is bound to ..

Top Trader: Bitcoin to Consolidate for Weeks Before Kicking Off Massive Rally

Bitcoin’s price action over the past couple of weeks has made it incredibly unclear as to whether or not the uptrend it has seen throughout 2020 is more than just a fleeting attempt to rally. Now, BTC’s ongoing bout of sideways trading comes just a couple of months before what one analyst is descri..

Bitcoin Enters Accumulation Phase as Analysts Watch These Key Levels

Bitcoin’s turbulent price action seen throughout 2020 has primarily favored bears over the past week, with the cryptocurrency’s recent rejection at $10,000 sparking an intense downtrend that led it as low as $8,400. In the time following this intense selloff, however, the cryptocurrency’s bulls hav..

Bitcoin Momentum Investing — Does Buy the Dump, Sell the Pump Work?

Market Analysis This week as equities markets plummeted across the globe, Bitcoin (BTC) price also faced a sharp correction. Over the past week Bitcoin price has dropped $1,500 and currently trades at $8,454, a new four week low. Since the start of the year Bitcoin and most major altcoins showed ..

This Crypto’s 10% Plummet Could Provide Ideal “Buy the Dip” Opportunity

The aggregated crypto market has been caught within a firm downtrend over the past several days and weeks, but one top crypto has been able to buck this trend, rallying to fresh all-time highs against its Bitcoin trading pair yesterday before incurring a selloff today. Today’s selloff has led Chain..

“Big Money” Could be Longing Altcoins if Bitcoin Holds This Key Level

Altcoins have been shedding a significant amount of their value over the past several days and weeks, with the recent Bitcoin selloff sending shockwaves throughout the aggregated cryptocurrency market. Analysts are now noting that Bitcoin is currently trading just a hair above a critical support le..

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