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Rise of the DEX: Uniswap Passes 1 Million Ether (ETH) in Trading Volume

This week, the Uniswap team announced that its automated Ethereum-based exchange protocol had freshly surpassed 1 million ether (ETH) in total trading volume to date. The DeFi exchange’s builders took the milestone as an opportunity to roll out new Uniswap features.Launched in late 2018 and backe..

The Best Decentralized Exchanges for Cryptocurrency Trading

So you’ve tried centralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, and now you’re looking to branch out further. Have you considered trying a decentralized exchange? Otherwise known as a DEX, a decentralized exchange makes it so you can make trades peer-to-peer (P2P) without ever havin..

Binance Launches Multi-DEX Support for Trust Wallet with Kyber Network

News Major crypto exchange Binance has added support for multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) to its Trust Wallet by integrating the Kyber Network protocol. The development was revealed in an official announcement shared with Cointelegraph on July 24. As previously reported, Binance acquired Tr..

Binance Coin Price Analysis: Huge Volume Loading Up Behind BNB

Binance Coin (BNB) is standing out as the best performing cryptocurrency among the the top 10 right now, having secured a 29% gain over the last 2 weeks. Analysis suggests further upside movements could play out over the coming days and weeks. Binance Coin Daily Analysis On the daily chart, we can ..

Ethereum’s Wrapped Bitcoin Set to Eclipse Lightning Network Capacity

Since the project launched a little over six months ago, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has roughly $5.9 million or 558 BTC locked into the system. At the rate WBTC’s token contract is climbing, the project is close to surpassing the Lightning Network’s capacity in the near future. Also read: The ”Wrapped ..

0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe

News The Ethereum (ETH) smart contract of 0x (ZRX) decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol has been suspended after a vulnerability has been uncovered in its code, the project’s team announced in a Medium post published on July 13. Per the announcement, third-party security researcher samczsun warne..

Trustless Trading: KyberSwap DEX Activates Non-Custodial Limit Orders

KyberSwap, the decentralized exchange backed by the Kyber Network, is angling to make its feature-rich DEX that much richer. On July 12th, Kyber’s builders announced the arrival of non-custodial limit orders on KyberSwap. The capability allows traders to set up trades to buy or sell a given cryptoc..

2019: Year of the DEX

Is the winter of cryptocurrency prices the golden age of blockchain technology? Welcome 2019, the year of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) From the CMC editorial team: We’ve heard lots of hype around DEXes billing 2019 as the year that they might take off. Why and how could that be? Find out more in ..

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