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“Paradigm Shift” First Security Token Arrives on Ethereum’s Uniswap DEX

In a milestone development for Ethereum, Uniswap, and the march of tokenization in general, the first ERC20 token representing a traditional security has arrived on Uniswap, the darling decentralized exchange for many DeFi stakeholders. That token comes via fractional real estate investing startup ..

Dolomite DEX to Launch Margin Trading with Stop-Loss Orders

News Non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) Dolomite announced that on Nov. 4 it will add a margin trading with stop-loss orders. The company explained in a press release shared with Cointelegraph that — while its current exchange is based on the Loopring protocol — its margin trading feature ..

IDEX 2.0: Exchange Embraces “Complete Rebuild” & Ethereum Scaling Solution

IDEX, the non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that’s facilitated more than 41 percent of all Ethereum DEX transactions over the past month, has unveiled the features coming to its revamped version 2.0 trading venue. Characterizing the effort as a “complete rebuild” in a press release shared with ..

John McAfee: Stablecoins Solve the ‘Fiat Problem’ for Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

John McAfee — cybersecurity expert and crypto bull, says stablecoins could hold the key to solving some of the core issues with decentralized exchanges (DEX). With centralized exchanges still holding sway in the crypto trading markets, some cryptocurrency purists say DEX adoption needs to become the..

McAfee Champions Importance of Stablecoins for Decentralized Exchanges

News American entrepreneur and staunch crypto advocate, John McAfee, has argued for the importance of stablecoins for decentralized exchange (DEX) adoption. McAfee made his argument in a tweet posted on Oct. 20. Stablecoins as an interim solutionMcAfee’s video begins by tackling the main obstacle ..

Cryptocurrency Wallets MyCrypto and Ambo Add Multiple New Features

News Cryptocurrency wallets MyCrypto and Ambo (recently acquired by the former) have both announced major updates of their software. Among other improvements, MyCrypto added a multi-account management system. A major overhaulAccording to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Oct. 10, MyCryp..

Bitfinex ‘Chainswaps’ $5M Worth of USDT Onto EOS Protocol

News Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in conjunction with EOSFinex, its decentralized trading platform, have announced that they had successfully completed a “chainswap” to convert $5 million worth of Tether (USDT) stablecoins onto the EOS blockchain protocol. According to a press release shared w..

BitShares DEX Gateway CryptoBridge Implements Mandatory KYC for Users

News BitShares Decentralized Exchange (DEX) gateway CryptoBridge announced on Oct. 1 that it has implemented mandatory user Know Your Client (KYC) verification. European regulation is responsiblePer the announcement, the reason for the upcoming mandatory KYC is the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Dir..

Developers of Ethereum DEX Protocol AirSwap Disclose Critical Exploit

News Ethereum (ETH) decentralized exchange protocol AirSwap’s developers announced that they have discovered a critical vulnerability in the system’s new smart contract. AirSwap’s team announced its findings and a possible solution for all potentially affected users in a Medium post published on S..

Kyber Network DEX Launches Its Own Fiat-Crypto Gateway

Kyber Network, the popular on-chain liquidity aggregator for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, has recently made strides with the practicality of its decentralized exchange (DEX), KyberSwap. Now, the DEX is getting that much more useful as its builders have just unveiled a new fiat-to-crypto gateway for t..

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