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Controversial Ethereum Proposal Dead in the Water But Generates Buzz

An Ethereum Improvement Proposal put forth last month that would back Eth1.x development via block reward funding flew under the radar until this past weekend, when Ethereum stakeholders took to publicly debating the EIP. The proposal, EIP-2055, was introduced by ETHSignals Project Team Lead James ..

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Nears Short Term Breakdown

Ethereum price failed to continue higher and topped near $228.00. ETH price is currently under pressure and it decline further towards the $208.00 or $202.00 support in the near term. Ethereum price is currently showing a lot of bearish signs below $218.00. ETH/USD is following a crucial bearish tr..

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Remains Well Supported On Dips

Ethereum price is currently trading in a positive zone above the $215.00 support. ETH price might correct a few points before it could climb higher towards $235.00 and $240.00. Ethereum price traded towards the $235.00 level and recently corrected lower. A key bearish trend line is forming with res..

Weekly Wrap: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & EOS Price Analysis 19th July

Bitcoin price extended losses this week below the $10,000 support area. BTC/USD traded close to $9,000 and recently corrected higher. The bulls need to surpass the $11,000 resistance level to start a fresh increase in the coming sessions. Similarly, there were sharp downsides in major altcoins such..

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH In Significant Downtrend, Can Bulls Protect $180?

Ethereum price declined heavily below the $218.00 and $200.00 support levels. ETH price is currently correcting higher, but it is likely to face resistance near $210.00 Ethereum price declined more than 12% in the past few hours and traded below $200.00. A connecting bearish trend line is forming w..

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Could Temporarily Use Bitcoin Cash for Storage

Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin stirred intrigue and controversy over the weekend in floating on the Ethereum Research forum the possibility of using Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the largest and most controversial hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC) to date, as a “short-term data availability layer” for Ethereum...

Weekend Ethereum (ETH) Flash Crash: Manipulation or Just a Large Sell?

On Sunday, July 14th, the ether price crashed from $266 USD to $245 in less than an hour and then lower yet to $214 as the day progressed. Some cryptoverse stakeholders quickly pointed to a 15,000 ether sell order on Luxembourg-based exchange Bitstamp as the cause of the ETH flash crash throughout ..

Ethereum Price Analysis: Can ETH Extend Its Rebound Above $235?

Ethereum price started a decent recovery after bitcoin gained traction above $10,500. ETH price broke the $225.00 resistance, but it is currently struggling near the $235.00 resistance. Ethereum price started a short term correction after trading as low as $202.81. ETH/USD is currently trading insi..

Ethereum Validator Nodes More Attainable as ETH Price Collapses

Bloody Monday has been a harsh start to the week for many crypto assets, including Ethereum. Bitcoin’s return to four figures has caused a digital avalanche for altcoins as markets bleed out over $35 billion in 24 hours. Ethereum Crushed But Not All Bad It certainly looks bad when the second larges..

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Touches $200, Recovery Could Face Hurdles

Ethereum price declined nearly $100.00 in the past seven days and traded close to the $200.00 support. Similarly, there were heavy losses in bitcoin, ripple, EOS and other major altcoins. Ethereum price failed to climb above $280.00 and declined sharply below $245.00. ETH/USD is facing a major resi..

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