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Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & Litecoin Price Analysis 15th Nov

Bitcoin price is following a bearish path below the $9,000 area. BTC/USD is now approaching the next key break and it could either rally above $9,000 or decline heavily towards $8,000. Similarly, there was a steady decline in most major altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), bitcoin cash..

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & XLM Price Analysis 8th Nov

Bitcoin price remained confined in a broad range above the $9,000 support area. BTC/USD seems to be facing a lot of hurdles on the upside above $9,500. The next crucial move depends whether the bulls succeed in surpassing the $9,500 and $9,680 resistances. In the past few days, there were decent ga..

Report: Regulated Ethereum Futures Unlikely Any Time Soon

Ever since the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) — the U.S. regulatory agency responsible for dealing with commodities and their derivatives — approved the CME and CBOE to launch Bitcoin futures in late-2017, cryptocurrency investors have been asking for similar products for Ethereum, XRP,..

DeFi Anchor: Has the Rise of Its Biggest Apps Made Ethereum Unforkable?

Has the inertia of Ethereum and its consequent accrual of most of the cryptoeconomy’s most popular decentralized finance apps made it “unforkable,” i.e. unlikely to split on political grounds like the Ethereum vs. Ethereum Classic schism? Two researchers think it’s possible. That’s per Leland Lee ..

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & XLM Price Analysis 1st Nov

Bitcoin price rallied significantly above the $8,700 and $9,200 resistance levels. BTC/USD even climbed above $10,400 before starting a downside correction. The price is currently consolidating above $9,000 and preparing for the next break. Similarly, there were strong gains in most major altcoins,..

Meet Maple: a New Bid at “Smart Bonds” in Ethereum DeFi

New projects are arising all the while in Ethereum’s decentralized finance, or DeFi, ecosystem. The arena’s latest oncomer wants to bring what it hails as “smart bonds” to life on the most popular smart contracts platform. On October 29th, the Australia-based Maple project announced its fruition in..

Better Ethereum Privacy: Advent of the Aztec Protocol Is Coming

AZTEC Protocol, a smart contract-backed privacy solution for Ethereum, has officially kicked off its 30-day “Ignition Ceremony,” a trusted setup process that will successfully underpin AZTEC’s privacy features if even one of the effort’s 260-plus participants partakes in the ceremony honestly. Laun..

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & EOS Price Analysis 25th Oct

Bitcoin price declined heavily and broke the key $7,920 and $7,800 supports levels. BTC/USD is currently correcting higher, but upsides are likely to be capped near the $7,800 zone. Similarly, most major altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), bitcoin cash (BCH), litecoin (LTC), binance c..

Meet “Fuel”: Toward Scaling Ethereum in the Here and Now

To power many more transactions in the future, Ethereum won’t rely on a single mechanism but rather on a series of innovations in sharding, Plasma, Casper, and state channels. The first three of those innovations are still on the horizon for now, set to be activated in the multi-phase Serenity upgr..

Thomson Reuters: Bringing Smart Contracts to the Mainstream With Ethereum & Chainlink

Media conglomerate Thomson Reuters, one of Canada’s leading brands, is eyeing an opportunity to bring the possibilities of Ethereum smart contracts into the mainstream. The effort comes as part of a partnership with OpenLaw, the ConsenSys-backed builders of an open source and peer-to-peer protocol ..

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