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Vertical and Horizontal Blockchain Scaling, Explained

Vertical and Horizontal Blockchain Scaling, Explained Shiraz Jagati 2 HOURS AGO 568 Total views 1. What are vertical and horizontal scaling? 2. Does scaling work well with blockchains? 3. How is scaling done? 4. When to use horizontal or vertical scaling? 5. Are there any noteworthy blockchain-scali..

Tomorrow Today: Ethereum Navigates Notable Evolutions Ahead of ETH 2.0

The Ethereum community continues to make important strides ahead of the planned advent of “Ethereum 2.0” next year. The latest of these strides was unveiled on September 9th, when the builders behind the Lighthouse and Nimbus ETH 2.0 clients — the Sigma Prime and Status teams respectively — announc..

Buterin Considers zk-STARKS, Plasma, Casper, Bitcoin Cash for Enhancing Ethereum’s Efficiency

The developers of Ethereum (ETH), the world’s largest platform for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps), have been experimenting with different approaches for effectively scaling the smart contract platform. Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin has considered using other blockch..

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