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Google Chrome Leads the Pack, but Privacy-Oriented Browsers Gain Traction

Analysis In recent months, big-name players like Google and Apple have been going the extra mile to showcase their privacy features to the world. However, as most people are now aware, these multinational companies have business models that are centered around collecting and aggregating the data o..

Billionaire Demands Facebook Reveal Who Placed Scam Bitcoin Ads About Him

News Janet Jackson’s billionaire ex husband, Wissam Al Mana, has demanded that Facebook reveal who was behind ads on the platform that used his image to promote a crypto scam. The case stems from late February when Al Mana filed a lawsuit against the social media giant about a cryptocurrency scam..

Over 172 Million Weibo Users Personal Data Is For Sale on Dark Web

News Chinese social media giant saw a massive data breach result in data of millions of users available for sale on the dark web. According to a March 19 report from Chinese blockchain news outlet Jinse, basic account information of 172 million users was available, priced at 0.177 BTC. The accoun..

Celo Alliance Is out to Challenge Libra, Hoping for Less Red Tape

Analysis Several members of the Facebook-backed Libra Project have announced their alliance with a rival stablecoin project known as Celo. Since the middle of March, members that have joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity include, among many others, Coinbase Ventures, Anchorage Mercy Corps, Andr..

Big Brother Capitalizes on Coronavirus Fears, Crypto Industry Responds

News Governments are now considering tracking online user data as a way to fight the rapid spread of COVID-19. As a result, the question of personal data privacy is increasingly becoming a subject of discussion within the crypto community. On March 17, the Washington Post reported that the United ..

Libra Members Hedge Their Bets by Joining Rival Stablecoin Project

News Some of the biggest names in Facebook’s embattled Libra Association have joined a rival stablecoin project, which touts its mission as the promotion of financial inclusion using the blockchain. Dubbed the “Celo Alliance for Prosperity,” the project was unveiled on March 11, with key Libra bac..

Forbes Report: World’s Top 10 Billionaires Lost $38B on Black Monday

News Amid intensifying fears over the coronavirus, the United States stock market saw another historic day causing whopping losses for the world’s richest people. On March 9, the U.S. stocks experienced another dismal day, with major stock indices like the S&P 500 and Dow Jones plunging more than ..

Viral Tech: London Blockchain Week Spreads Into Day Two Despite Coronavirus Scare

Event Recap The second day of Fintech Worldwide’s Blockchain Summit kicked off to unusually glorious sunshine. But you’d be hard pressed to notice that in the venue because there was no natural light filtering through to the handful of attendees that braved the ongoing coronavirus scare. Despite C..

How Blockchain Technology and Metadata Shredding Can Usher in a New Era

Expert Take It has been nearly seven years since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on highly classified global surveillance programs, inciting a national conversation about privacy in the digital age. One of these revelations was that the NSA had access to the email content of Google users and the a..

Facebook Mulls Libra Reorg to Pacify Government Regulators

Following months of intense scrutiny and backlash from regulatory bodies and governments, Facebook is reportedly considering reorganizing its proposed Libra payment project to include central bank digital currencies (CBDC) pegged to major sovereign currencies. Facebook’s Libra Might Play Host to Mu..

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