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Telegram Bombshell, Zuckerberg to Testify, Ripple Row: Hodler’s Digest, Oct 7–13

Hodler’s Digest Coming every Sunday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link. Top Stories This Week..

Visa, EBay, Stripe and Mastercard Abandon Facebook’s Libra Project

News Visa, EBay, Stripe and Mastercard have all announced that they are dropping out of Facebook’s Libra Association and its associated stablecoin project. Four companies abandon shipOn Oct. 11, Bloomberg reported that Ebay, Stripe and Mastercard had decided to drop out of Facebook’s Libra cryptoc..

Founder of Alternative to Facebook’s Libra Exaggerates ‘Partnerships’

News The founder of the OpenLibra project, Lucas Geiger, reportedly misrepresented some of the organizations involved in the project. OpenLibra founder apologized through TelegramOn Oct. 11, Coindesk reported that at least four individuals and organizations denied the fact that they support the Op..

Facebook Sued for Trademark Infringement Over Libra Logo Design

News Finco Services of Delaware has initiated a lawsuit against Facebook in a New York court, Oct.10, over the swirly tilde logo Facebook uses for its Libra token. The plaintiff is also suing its former designer, who did the logo work for Facebook, for reusing the design. Looking for a logoFinco S..

Mark Zuckerberg in Washington: Facebook Chief to Talk Libra Before House

Although Libra is still months upon months away from its planned launch date, the project continues to generate more and more controversy. In a statement published Wednesday, Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California revealed that she has called on Mark Zuckerberg to testify on the cryptocurrency p..

Zuckerberg to Testify Before Congress Regarding Libra Stablecoin

News Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on Oct. 23 regarding the firm’s proposed Libra stablecoin project. On Oct. 9, Congresswoman Maxine Waters officially announced that Zuckerberg will attend a congressional hearing entitle..

UK’s Central Bank Establishes Provisions for Facebook’s Libra

News The United Kingdom’s central bank has established provisions that Facebook’s yet-to-be-released Libra stablecoin must comply with in order to be issued in the country. The Bank of England presented its latest Financial Policy Summary and Record at a Financial Policy Committee (FPC) meeting he..

OpenLibra Plans to Launch Permissionless Fork of Facebook’s Stablecoin

News Lucas Geiger, co-founder of blockchain infrastructure startup Wireline, has announced OpenLibra — a permissionless fork of Facebook’s planned stablecoin. Ethereum developer Lane Rettig tweeted on Oct. 8 that OpenLibra was announced by Geiger at the Ethereum developer conference Devcon 5, addi..

Libra Association’s Head of Product Spent Just Five Months in the Role

News Simon Morris, the head of product at the Libra Association, has left the project within five months of joining, according to his LinkedIn profile accessed on Oct. 9. The Switzerland-registered Libra Association is a not-for-profit membership organization established to govern the network for ..

Ripple CEO: Facebook’s Libra Crypto Won’t Launch in the Next Three Years

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is the latest person to cast doubts over Facebook’s proposed Libra crypto project. In addition to opposition from government authorities across the world, some Libra crypto partners have reportedly begun to grow cold feet. For the Ripple chief, the Libra crypto may not ..

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