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Why Congress’ New Draft Bill Is Bullish For Bitcoin

US lawmakers are mulling a new bill that will boost bitcoin and prohibit tech monopolies from launching their own cryptocurrencies. The draft discussion has surfaced ahead of Facebook’s scheduled congressional hearing this week on the Calibra crypto project. Bill Bullish For Bitcoin The July 12 dat..

Visa Set to Join the Expanding Field of Blockchain-Based International Payment Providers

Visa joins the ranks of mainstream payment giants creating blockchain-powered settlements infrastructure for cross-border transactions among institutional clients

UK Financial Watchdog Blacklists Clones of Two Major Financial Firms

News The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned investors of a fraudulent company posing as the Swiss Investment Corporation, an FCA-authorized firm offering crypto investments, and another company that is a clone of Goldman Sachs, the regulator announced on June 14. The financial re..

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