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In 2019 China’s Blockchain Startups Received Billions In Funding

China is vehemently anti-Bitcoin and anti-cryptocurrency. The country, which used to be a hub for all things Bitcoin, started to disassociate itself from the rising power in the decentralized cryptocurrency in 2017, when it banned all domestic trading of Chinese yuan and other currencies for BTC, Et..

Bancor’s Airdrop as First Step to Take Blockchain Out of 1997: Interview

Interview Decentralized exchange project Bancor (BNT) is currently in the midst of launching a massive airdrop to all its token holders. Cointelegraph took the occasion to interview Co-founder and Product Architect Eyal Hertzog, and Head of Growth Nate Hindman. The duo shared their thoughts on the..

More Bitcoin Scam Ads With Martin Lewis on Instagram — Can We Get a...

Follow up Suspected crypto con artists are once again using the likeness of British financial expert Martin Lewis to defraud unsuspecting victims. In 2019, Lewis settled a defamation suit against Facebook for similar Bitcoin (BTC) scam adverts. Instagram says deceptive advertisements have no place..

Authors of New York’s P2P ‘Public Venmo’ Bill Hope for Greater Decentralization

News New York lawmakers proposed a bill on a peer-to-peer (P2P) savings and payment platform called the “New York Inclusive Value Ledger.” Introduced by New York State Assembly legislator Ron Kim and Senator Julia Salazar, the bill proposes to set up the “empire state inclusive value ledger establ..

NY Governor Wants Crypto Firms to Cover Costs for NYDFS Oversight

News Cryptocurrency entities licensed under the New York’s Financial Services Law (FSL) should pay the costs of regulatory oversight, Governor Andrew Cuomo believes. The Democratic Governor purportedly wants the state authorities to amend the FSL in order to require virtual currency-related entiti..

Report: Ethereum, Tron and EOS Dominated DApp Ecosystem in 2019

News DappReview published its 2019 insights on the decentralized app (DApp) space in a Jan. 8 report. Just three blockchains accounted for 98.65 percent of total transaction volume, though EOS began to struggle in Q4 2019. Decentralized app aggregator DappReview summarized the main events within t..

Bitcoin Scam Ads Featuring Martin Lewis Now Spotted on Instagram

News Bitcoin (BTC) scam ads featuring the likeness of Martin Lewis have continued to appear on social media despite Lewis’ previous efforts to prevent such illegal practices. After the British financial expert settled a defamation lawsuit against Facebook for showing unendorsed fake Lewis crypto a..

Privacy Coins in 2019: True Financial Freedom or a Criminal’s Delight?

New Year Special The right to privacy is a fundamental prerequisite for peace of mind and security. The idea that only criminals have something to hide is strange. Contrarily, privacy is sought by almost everyone. Yet, it still gets stigmatized as suspicious — reserved solely for criminals or devi..

R3’s Marco Polo Runs Largest Trade Finance Trial With Over 70 Members

News The Marco Polo Network, a trade finance network co-developed by major enterprise blockchain firm R3, has completed its largest finance trial. Built on R3’s open-source blockchain platform Corda, Marco Polo has hosted the largest global trade finance trial that involved over 70 organizations f..

World’s 2nd-Largest Bank CCB Launches Blockchain Refactoring: Report

News China Construction Bank (CCB), the world’s second-biggest bank by operated assets, has officially launched its blockchain-based refactoring platform. Targeting commercial factoring business, CCB aims to bolster operations and reduce major risks in its refactoring business while providing shar..

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