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What is Kronoverse? Blockchain-Based eSports Platform

Kronoverse is a company that is working on an innovative blockchain system for eSports. The eSports market is red hot, and becoming more popular all the time. Like most gaming, eSports is dominated by a few major companies that control the marketplace. If you want to use their platforms, you have to..

Ubisoft Might Be The First Major Games Company To Geek Out Over Blockchain

News It’s already well-theorized that it’s not cryptocurrency or decentralized finance apps, but gaming that will actually drive blockchain use cases in the real world. While this has moved many smaller development companies and hobbyist programmers to release their own blockchain-driven games, di..

Gaming Is Key to the Mass Adoption of Crypto

Opinion A whole new exciting world of value is being coded into life right now by gamers. While it may be a far cry from the lofty ideals of banking the unbanked and taking down the global banking system, gaming is gearing up to be a massive force in the crypto space. Addictively fun games will dr..

What Attracts Investors to Blockchain Gaming?

Use CaseBlockchain is transforming the financial industry right before our eyes, with many market onlookers anticipating a complete replacement of existing payment, trading and banking infrastructures. Blockchain and finance seem like the perfect match, but there are other sectors, for which the ..

Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Makes Big Bet on Token Collectibles

New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has made its first ever acquisition, with the move broadcasting the company’s belief that the tokenized collectibles arena has major upside in the years ahead. On November 19th, Gemini chief executive officer Tyler Winklevoss revealed the exchange had p..

Online Gaming Platform Lets Gamers Collect BTC In First-Person Shooter Game

News Donnerlab, an online gaming platform that builds lightning games and applications, lets gamers hunt for Bitcoin (BTC) and pick-up “Satoshi cubes.” Shoot other players and collect satoshisIn a tweet on Nov. 19, Donnerlab announced the launch of its latest project, titled Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, a..

Ethereum’s Hearthstone Rival Sets Volume Record After Blizzard Scandal

News Ethereum (ETH) based trading card game Gods Unchained has far outstripped CryptoKitties by volume after a censorship scandal involving game-developer Blizzard. As blockchain research platform Coin Metrics noted on Nov. 12, the past month has seen activity explode for the game, with interest d..

Gaming Rewards Firm Partners With Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform DLive

News United States blockchain-based rewards and marketing company Refereum has announced its latest partnership with decentralized streaming platform DLive to reward gamers for creating and watching content. According to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Nov. 7, Refereum’s partnership w..

Fortnite Meets Bitcoin Lightning Network in New ‘Lightnite’ Video Game

News Bitcoin-enabled (BTC) games startup Satoshis Games announced the development of a Fortnite-like game with built-in Lightning Network microtransactions dubbed Lightnite on Oct. 19. Shoot to earn BitcoinPer the announcement, all in-game interactions between players trigger a monetary reward or ..

Bitfinex Among First Block Producers of Blockchain Games Distributor Ultra.io

News Blockchain-based PC games distribution platform Ultra.io has announced on Oct. 2 that its first three block producers (BPs) are Bitfinex, EOS Rio and EOS New York. All three future network maintainers are EOS BPs while Bitfinex is also a major and well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Making th..

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