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Grayscale’s Bitcoin Products See Massive Institutional Inflows

The numbers are in: Grayscale Investments, a cryptocurrency investment firm, saw a record level of institutional investment in its Bitcoin and altcoin products in 2019, boding well for the market. This comes in spite of continued assertions that Bitcoin is a “scam.” For instance, LendingTree Chief..

Grayscale is Seeing Mass Institutional Interest in Bitcoin

The numbers are in: Grayscale, a top cryptocurrency investment services provider, continues to see overwhelming interest from retail investors and institutions for Bitcoin. In fact, over the course of the third quarter, the New York-based firm, which provides investors with safe Bitcoin and altcoin..

Grayscale Sees Continued Bitcoin Demand From Institutions

Bitcoin has long been described as a movement to phase out institutions. But ironically, it is institutions that many cryptocurrency investors have claimed to rely on to boost Bitcoin to fresh all-time highs. And while it is believed that institutions have yet to allocate significant levels of fina..

Here’s Why Bakkt Launch Is a Blessing For Bitcoin Holders

Yesterday’s big announcement that regulatory approval has been granted to Bakkt could be the best news bitcoin investors have had this year. It opens the door to institutional investors and is a huge step forward for crypto industry legitimization in the US. Bakkt To Launch Next Month After months ..

Crypto Firm Grayscale Sees Notable Institutional Inflows in Q2

One of the common critiques that cynics use to bash the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is that this whole market is retail-driven. In 2017, this may have been the case. Then, Wall Street was still in the midst of learning about Bitcoin and its ilk and thus made no announcements on the matter. For..

New Platform Says It Enables Regular and Advanced Users to Create Their Own Crypto...

Sponsored Crypto funds act as a “basket” of different digital assets and can offer a variety of benefits over purchasing individual coins, such as ease of management and the relative safety that comes with diversification. Fortunately, creating and maintaining your own fund just became a lot easie..

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