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Celo Alliance Is out to Challenge Libra, Hoping for Less Red Tape

Analysis Several members of the Facebook-backed Libra Project have announced their alliance with a rival stablecoin project known as Celo. Since the middle of March, members that have joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity include, among many others, Coinbase Ventures, Anchorage Mercy Corps, Andr..

Does Bitcoin Have Intrinsic Value or Is It Based on Thin Air?

Analysis In early March, the Bank of England’s governor-designate, Andrew Bailey, said that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. He controversially stated that any investor that holds Bitcoin should be prepared to lose all of the money. Bailey said, “If you want to buy it, fine, but understand it has n..

Libra Members Hedge Their Bets by Joining Rival Stablecoin Project

News Some of the biggest names in Facebook’s embattled Libra Association have joined a rival stablecoin project, which touts its mission as the promotion of financial inclusion using the blockchain. Dubbed the “Celo Alliance for Prosperity,” the project was unveiled on March 11, with key Libra bac..

Steem Scandal, Blockchain Voting Fiasco & More: Bad Crypto News of the Week

AUDIO So, how high is Bitcoin about to go? Analyst Willy Woo thinks it’s going to hit $135,000. It’s a “common-sense prediction” he told RT’s Keiser Report. Tim Draper is betting even higher. The venture capitalist has moved his money out of the stock market (too “frothy”) and put it into Bitcoin ..

Viral Tech: London Blockchain Week Spreads Into Day Two Despite Coronavirus Scare

Event Recap The second day of Fintech Worldwide’s Blockchain Summit kicked off to unusually glorious sunshine. But you’d be hard pressed to notice that in the venue because there was no natural light filtering through to the handful of attendees that braved the ongoing coronavirus scare. Despite C..

Facebook Mulls Libra Reorg to Pacify Government Regulators

Following months of intense scrutiny and backlash from regulatory bodies and governments, Facebook is reportedly considering reorganizing its proposed Libra payment project to include central bank digital currencies (CBDC) pegged to major sovereign currencies. Facebook’s Libra Might Play Host to Mu..

Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Association Head Says CBDC Is a Good Idea

Interview In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Crypto Valley Association President Daniel Haudenschild said that central bank digital currencies are “the next logical stage.” Haudenschild explained to Cointelegraph that he believes CBDCs are the next stage “in evolution for decentralized ..

Facebook Changing Course on Libra, Offering More Inclusive Wallet

News Facebook may be considering modifying its plan for the 2020 release of the cryptocurrency Libra. When the social media giant introduced Libra last year, it did so claiming the cryptocurrency would be a simple global currency with the power to transform the global economy. Regulators quickly ..

Bank of England Warns Crypto Adoption May Impact Credit Creation

News Jon Cuncliffe, the deputy governor for financial stability of the United Kingdom’s central bank, the Bank of England (BoE), has warned that the emergence of a cryptocurrency economy may weaken or eliminate bank credit issuance. In a speech delivered to the London School of Economics on Feb. 2..

Coronavirus, Drug Dealers and Buffett’s BTC: Bad Crypto News of the Week

AUDIO The experts have had a rough few days. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Digital Creek, spoke to CNN about Warren Buffett’s poor view of Bitcoin. The Sage of Omaha had said that he doesn’t own any BTC and sees no value in digital currencies. Pompliano argued that Buffett mi..

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