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Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Price Could Fall as Low as $6,500

Bitcoin (BTC) hasn’t been doing all too hot as of late. The cryptocurrency is down by some 45% from its year-to-date peak of $14,000, sentiment has begun to flip widely bearish once again, and investors have begun to brace for Crypto Winter 2: Electric Boogaloo, so to speak. While the bearish price..

Largest Tencent Shareholder Leads $15M Round in Blockchain Game Developer

News Naspers, the largest shareholder of Chinese Internet giant Tencent, participated in a $15 million investment in blockchain game developer Immutable. Key investorsImmutable, a Sydney-based blockchain gaming startup, completed a new funding round led by Naspers and Mike Novogratz's crypto..

Galaxy Digital Gains Approval to Underwrite Public Securities Offerings

News Michael Novogratz’s cryptocurrency investment bank Galaxy Digital has gained approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to underwrite registered public offerings of securities. As reported by Bloomberg on Sept. 6, the company has its sights on facilitating security toke..

Novogratz: Institutions Are Coming Into Crypto & Bitcoin Price to Rebound

Over the past day, Bitcoin has collapsed. After mucking about the $10,000 support level for a number of days, the cryptocurrency fell by 5% in under an hour, shedding $500 and losing a number of key technical levels. Interestingly, Michael Novogratz, a former Wall Street investor turned cryptocurre..

Novogratz: Bitcoin in a ‘Bit of Consolidation’ as Institutions Line Up

News Bitcoin (BTC) price may have fallen below $10,000 again but that is no reason to doubt the 2019 bull market, industry investor Mike Novogratz has said. Novogratz: Bitcoin “has had a huge run”Speaking on Bloomberg TV on Aug. 29, the founder of merchant bank Galaxy Digital noted that regardless..

Market Outlook: Trade Wars and Filthy Fiat Battles Fuel Crypto Prices

A slew of digital currencies have gathered decent gains over the last 48 hours and the entire market capitalization now stands at around $308 billion. Moreover, cryptocurrency trade volumes have kicked up a notch, capturing $66 billion in swaps over the last day. Overall, speculators think the recen..

Market Outlook: Crypto Prices Consolidate as Economic Uncertainty Looms

Digital currency markets have been meandering sideways for a few days as most of the top crypto prices have been consolidating. Some traders believe there will be a big bullish rise after the current slump, while others think crypto prices may sink even lower. Amidst the crypto market uncertainty, e..

Novogratz Predicts $20K Bitcoin in 2019 as Galaxy Digital Gets IPO Nod

News Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz argued that institutional interest would push Bitcoin (BTC) price back to its all-time highs of $20,000 before the end of 2019. Novogratz delivered his comments in an interview with Bloomberg on July 25. Speaking about where Bitcoin price will be going by th..

Bitcoin Price Can Reach $20k All-Time High In 2019, Says Mike Novogratz

Bitcoin can recover to its all-time highs of $20,000 by the end of this year, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz believes.Institutions To Push BTC To $20k Speaking in his latest interview with mainstream media this week, infamous Bitcoin bull Novogratz said institutions should drive markets higher..

How US ‘Keep Big Tech Out of Finance’ Draft Bill Targets Facebook’s Libra

Facebook’s digital currency plans have caused concern among bureaucrats worldwide and members of the U.S. government seem fearful of a giant tech establishing itself as a financial institution. Prior to the U.S. congressional hearings and the upcoming G7 finance meeting, a U.S. discussion draft bill..

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