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Bitcoin Volatility May Spike as Coins Consolidate in “Whale” Wallets

If you’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency community for any time at all, you likely have heard the word “whale” mentioned time and time again. For those not in the loop, a so-called whale is a digital asset holder that controls a large portion (relatively speaking) of a cryptocurrency’s supply. ..

European Central Bank Wants to Beat Other Countries in Digital Currency Game

Bitcoin may be falling, but central banks still want in on digital currencies. On Thursday, the newly-instated President of the European Central Bank, former Chair and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, said that one of her initial mandates will be to focus on t..

Chainalysis Develops Robust Crypto Trading Monitoring System for Bitfinex

Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis has announced the development of a crypto trading monitoring system for cryptocurrency exchange giant Bitfinex. The news comes amid calls by financial regulators in different jurisdictions for robust oversight of digital currency transactions. Meanwhile, Bitfine..

Square Crypto Gives Grant to Talented Lightning Network Dev

Open-source funding in the cryptocurrency ecosystem can be extremely challenging, so well placed grants therein can make a huge difference. That’s why the Square Crypto initiative just went to bat for one talented developer, giving that dev a grant that will help them work full time on the Lightnin..

SEC Doubles Down on Pro-Innovation Though Protective Crypto Stance

While cryptocurrencies are but a small drop in the pond of global finance, authorities have only increased their scrutiny of this nascent industry over the past couple of months. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), especially, has been harsh in keeping this industry kosher, making mo..

Crypto Firms Take Note: New York Regulator Wants to Change Up BitLicense Rules

In New York, the BitLicense business licensing rules have proven to be the bane of more than a few cryptocurrency firms over time. That reality has led to there being little support for the BitLicense in some circles of the space. That’s why many eyes widened in the crypto arena on December 11th wh..

Despite Crypto Crackdown: Bitcoin Mining Remains Centralized in China

Over the past few weeks, China has renewed its efforts to force cryptocurrency firms out of its borders. As Blockonomi reported earlier this month, Beijing’s new offensive on cryptocurrency forced five locally-operated exchanges to suspend or cease their activities in the country. The exchanges tha..

$100 Worth of Bitcoin Ten Years Ago Would be $9.2 Million Now: Analysis

Since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin has been on a remarkable run. The cryptocurrency was at first a medium of exchange and digital money for the fringe — used by those that wanted to bypass the pitfalls of traditional payment solutions, wanted to make a bet on the future of fintech, or wanted to make ..

Nike Wins Patents to Tokenize Limited-Edition “Breedable” Shoes (& More) on Ethereum

American footwear and apparel powerhouse Nike appears primed to be the latest major oncomer to the arena of tokenization — that is if a patent the company has just received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is any indication. The patent, first filed back in the spring and awarded by..

Cryptocurrency Scams a Massive Problem: 3 Men Charged for $722M Scheme

While cryptocurrencies are but a small drop in the pond of global finance, authorities have only increased their scrutiny of this nascent industry over the past couple of months. Case in point, U.S. authorities on Tuesday revealed that they have charged three men for their involvement in a $722 mil..

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