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The CIA’s Decryption Abilities, BTC Beyond $10K and More on the Bad Crypto Podcast

News Check out this week’s episode of the Bad Crypto podcast, which cites a bunch of great Cointelegraph reporting to generate an hour-long episode of crypto audio news. This week’s episode covers a wide variety of topics per usual. There’s the ever-developing story of BTC living life above $10,00..

Bitcoin’s New 2020 High, US Marshals Bitcoin Auction and More on the Bad Crypto...

News This week’s episode of the Bad Crypto podcast condenses the latest blockchain news into easy listening format. And it’s a good week to be in the know on crypto and blockchain topics. Bitcoin’s bull run continues, and the price is lately flirting with $10,000. The Winklevoss twins have gone on..

Rising BTC Price, Justin Sun’s Harassment Suit, and More on the Bad Crypto Podcast

News Those of you seeking yet another angle on consuming the latest and greatest crypto news should know about The Bad Crypto Podcast. This week’s episode starts with the good news that Bitcoin is on the rise, touches on Justin Sun’s harassment suit, and even takes a moment to acknowledge Peter Sc..

Le Roux Biographer: Cartel Boss Is the Most Credible Satoshi Yet

Paul Le Roux is a criminal kingpin turned criminal informant whose misdeeds have filled a book. The author of that tome is investigative journalist Evan Ratliff, whose rip-roaring tale has recently received a postscript: Le Roux may also be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. This week on the Humans o..

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