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Blockchain Is a New Frontier According to Top Executives, Investment Levels Plummet

Analysis There are mixed indicators regarding the current progress or stalling of blockchain adoption throughout the enterprise world. Research has indicated that investments have dropped by over half over the last year, contrary to other research showing a growing sentiment toward the vitality of..

Crypto Mining Supply Fails to Meet Market Demand in Q2: TokenInsight

News The supply of crypto mining machines failed to meet market demand in Q2 2019 despite the surge of mining hardware prices, new research says. Popular suppliers ran out of stock in Q2Bitcoin (BTC) miner market saw significant inflation during Q2 2019, with the majority of miners from various su..

EOS Hard Fork in 10 Days, Major Updates for Tron, Neo: CT Analytics

News Cointelegraph Analytics team released a summary of the most anticipated upcoming events for major coins including EOS, Tron (TRX) and Neo (NEO). EOS to have its first hard fork on Sept. 23EOS, the 7th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, is expected to have its first consensus upgrade on Sep..

Research: Blockchain Technology to Be Standardized by 2021

News Blockchain technology will most likely be standardized by 2021, according to American business and financial services company Moody's. Per the research report published on Sept. 5, these standards will probably be established in the blockchain industry by 2021 and will be positive for “f..

SIS International Research Opens Blockchain Consulting Division

News SIS International Research, a global market research firm headquartered in New York City, has set up blockchain consulting division called SIS Blockchain. Enterprise blockchain will be vitalAfter two years of consulting clients on blockchain applications in various industries including financ..

Global Blockchain Revenues to Hit $10 Billion by 2023: Market Research

News Global revenues for blockchain technology are expected to hit $10 billion by 2023. Tech market advisory firm ABI Research published its findings regarding global revenues from blockchain technology on Aug. 28. Per ABI, investments in the space continue to swell despite the decrease in initial..

Online Sentiment Toward Crypto Market in 2019 — Attitudes Are Positive

Analysis Despite all of the bad press that the digital asset industry continues to receive on an almost daily basis, it appears as though the overall sentiment of the online communities in regard to this burgeoning domain is still pretty positive. For example, Comparitech — a research firm that pr..

BTC and LTC Halving ‘Shock’ May Be Mitigated by Merged Mining: Report

News The effect of block reward halvings for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (BTC) mining could be mitigated by merged mining, according to a report by a research arm of major crypto exchange Binance released on July 12. Following Charlie Lee’s prediction that some miners may shut down Litecoin mi..

Research: Reddit Crypto-Related Discussion Volume Strongly Correlated to Price

News The University of Notre Dame and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) released a study on the speed and scale of cryptocurrency discussions on Reddit on May 13. The paper claims to be “the first to qualitatively measure and contrast discussion growth about three popular cryptocurr..

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