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Money and Democracy: How the Elite Manipulated Ledgers and Created a Social Ranking System

Money is one of the most important but least understood manmade tools in existence. For more than 5,000 years humans have used a tool of exchange called money to facilitate trade. During this timespan, the evolution of money has evolved into a system of information, a social contract, and a ranking ..

I’m Not Satoshi — I Don’t Have That Much Money, Says Sci-Fi Author

News Popular speculative fiction author Neal Stephenson says suggestions he could be Satoshi Nakamoto are “flattering” but unfounded. Cryptonomicon or bustStephenson made his remarks during an interview on the Conversations with Tyler podcast on July 17 in response to a half-jocular suggestion fi..

Satoshi Posers — Why So Many Takers for the Bitcoin Crown?

Follow up The real identity of Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, has been a mystery since the inception of the preeminent cryptocurrency over a decade ago. Over the last 10 years, various people have claimed to be the mysterious Satoshi, but their assertions have always been met with skepticism..

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