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Grin Receives Anonymous 50 BTC Donation, Sparking Satoshi Rumors

News Privacy-centric coin Grin received an anonymous 50 Bitcoin (BTC) donation to its General Fund on Nov. 11, sparking a bizarre rumor that the generous soul behind it was Satoshi. The donation, announced the same day by Grin on Twitter, was made via crypto exchange Coinbase by a donor who expres..

Tether Supports Peter McCormack’s Defense Against Craig Wright

News Leading stablecoin operator Tether has announced it will support crypto podcaster Peter McCormack in a lawsuit against self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) creator Craig Wright. General counsel for Tether and cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, Stuart Hoegner, revealed on Nov. 8 that Tether also rejec..

Craig Wright Says He Has No Funds for Settlement in Kleiman Case

News The latest court documents in the David Kleinman versus Craig Wright case filed on Nov. 1 reveal that Wright — the self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto — informed the plaintiff that he could not finance a 500,000 BTC ($4.5 billion) settlement. Given that the case was apparen..

Two Pro-Crypto US Congressmen Note Bitcoin White Paper’s 11th Birthday

News U.S. Representatives Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and Warren Davidson (R-OH), have encouraged Bitcoin (BTC)-powered innovation on the Bitcoin white paper’s 11th birthday. U.S. policymakers should not attempt to deter Bitcoin’s techU.S. congressman McHenry, who represents North Carolina’s 10th Distr..

One Down, Next Decade Up: Happy 11th Birthday to Bitcoin Whitepaper

11 years ago on October 31st, the mind or minds behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym released the Bitcoin whitepaper, marking the first time the public was introduced to the alternative currency system — a “purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash,” per its creator — that’s gone on to capture..

11 Years Ago Today Satoshi Nakamoto Published the Bitcoin White Paper

News Today, Oct. 31, marks eleven years since the publication of the Bitcoin white paper by the still-mysterious person or group pseudonymously identified as Satoshi Nakamoto. A revolutionary textBitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System — published on Oct. 31, 2008 — outlined a tamper-proof,..

Craig Wright: Either I’m Satoshi Nakamoto, or He Plagiarized Me

News Speaking at the CC London Investment in Blockchain and AI Forum 2019, which took place from Oct. 14 to Oct. 16, Wright claimed that he was about to reveal the ultimate proof of his authorship of the original Bitcoin code. This will come out, according to Wright, in the form of a thesis he wro..

Craig Wright’s Hidden Treasures: Court Order to Unlock the Tulip Trust

Analysis Since early 2018, Craig Wright, a controversial Australian computer scientist and tech entrepreneur, has been the defendant in a lawsuit filed on behalf of the estate of Dave Kleiman, Wright’s late business partner. The claim alleged that following Kleiman’s death in 2013, Wright unlawful..

Co-founder of LinkedIn Presents Crypto Rap Video: Hamilton vs. Satoshi

News Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, decided to let Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, face-off against Bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto in an epic crypto-rap-battle video. Cryptocurrency debate between actor-rappers playing Hamilton and SatoshiOn Sep..

Pompliano: Satoshi Should Win Nobel Peace Prize for Bitcoin

News American investor and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano has argued that Satoshi Nakomoto should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for inventing Bitcoin. In a tweet posted on Sept. 3, Pompliano wrote: “Satoshi should win the Nobel Peace Prize. We finally have a currenc..

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