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Economist Brands Bitcoin a “Scam” On Mainstream Media

While Bitcoin is now over 11 years old, the cryptocurrency is seemingly still subject to accusations by many mainstream economists and investors that it is a “scam.” This was proven recently when an economist bashed the leading digital asset on Yahoo Finance. If you’ve been following Bitcoin’s news..

Former Bitmain Chip Maker in Police Custody for Alleged Embezzlement

Former Bitmain Technologies chip maker and founder of Bitmain rival MicroBT, Yang Zuoxing, has been reportedly arrested by the Shenzhen police. Yang’s arrest comes amid the ongoing battle between MicroBot and Bitmain, along with the latter’s leadership crisis. On the other hand, another major bitco..

Cryptocurrency Scams a Massive Problem: 3 Men Charged for $722M Scheme

While cryptocurrencies are but a small drop in the pond of global finance, authorities have only increased their scrutiny of this nascent industry over the past couple of months. Case in point, U.S. authorities on Tuesday revealed that they have charged three men for their involvement in a $722 mil..

China-Based IDAX CEO Goes “Missing,” Withdrawals Halted

In something seemingly out of a movie, the chief executive of IDAX, a lesser-known cryptocurrency trading platform purportedly in Shanghai, has disappeared off the face of the Earth. The exchange has since been in damage-control mode, trying to pick up the pieces of their crumbling platform.Crypt..

Report: George Bush’s Brother Got $300K for Meeting With OneCoin’s ‘Cryptoqueen’

News Neil Bush is alleged to have received $300,000 to attend a meeting involving OneCoin co-founder and current fugitive Ruja Ignatova, known as the "Cryptoqueen." As Law360 reported on Nov. 15, testimony in a U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York contained allegations against..

New York Resident Indicted for Crypto Scam, Charged With Wire Fraud

News The Office of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and prosecutors for the Southern District of New York have indicted a man for allegedly participating in a cryptocurrency scheme dubbed Igobit. According to an announcement on Nov. 6, Asa Saint ..

Belgian Regulator Blacklists Another 9 Crypto Websites Suspected of Fraud

News Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has made an additional update to its blacklist of cryptocurrency-related websites associated with fraud. On Oct. 29, Belgium’s financial watchdog updated its list of cryptocurrency trading platforms for which it has detected indication..

Redditor Spots Imposter Website for Trezor Bitcoin Wallet

News A Redditor has apparently spotted an imposter website for Bitcoin (BTC) hardware wallet Trezor. “Imposter site trying to steal your Bitcoin”On Oct. 4, Reddit user castorfromtheva posted about the website, stating that they conducted a test to confirm that it was not genuine. They said: “I jus..

From $10M to Zero in 10 Days: ETH Smart Contract FairWin Is Empty

News Ethereum (ETH) smart contract FairWin, recently accused of being the fastest-growing Ponzi scheme on Ethereum, was emptied. According to Etherscan’s data, at press time FairWin’s balance is exactly zero ETH. Yet, the smart contract held over 49,518 ETH just a few days ago on Sept. 26. FairWin..

IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Now IDOs — How to Raise Funds for Crypto in...

Analysis The crypto community has seen a tectonic shift in fundraising trends: from the decline of initial coin offerings (ICOs) to the hype around security token offerings (STOs) and then the rise of initial exchange offerings (IEOs). The inclination for fundraising seems to evolve every year. Si..

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