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IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Now IDOs — How to Raise Funds for Crypto in...

Analysis The crypto community has seen a tectonic shift in fundraising trends: from the decline of initial coin offerings (ICOs) to the hype around security token offerings (STOs) and then the rise of initial exchange offerings (IEOs). The inclination for fundraising seems to evolve every year. Si..

Scammers Target Canadian Bitcoin ATM Users With ‘Out of Order’ Sign

News Fraudsters in Winnipeg, Canada, have targeted Bitcoin ATM users in the city by simply sticking a poster on the machine. Police issued a warning on Aug. 29 that following the instructions on the poster will lead to an irretrievable loss of their Bitcoin. Low-tech hack attackEven with a digital..

BBC Journalist Loses $30K ETH From Rookie Mistake

The world of crypto trading and investing can still be a minefield to the uninitiated. Stories of hacks and scams are still commonplace affecting both individuals and huge companies. Some sensible security precautions are necessary in this digital age as one BBC journalist found out the hard way. $..

MGC Scam: Contract Clogs Ethereum Network, Spends $1.3 Million on Gas

The address of an Ethereum smart contract linked to a mysterious and apparently scammy project dubbed My Gold Coin (MGC) appears to be clogging the Ethereum network. Per the ETH Gas Station tracker site, on July 24th the median gas price to execute an Ethereum transaction was 20 gwei — a higher tha..

Diamonds and the Treasury Debt Ceiling: Why Nothing Has ‘Intrinsic Value’ in Economics

The U.S. Treasury Department has just issued an urgent letter requesting a lift on the debt ceiling, warning Congress of imminent financial collision in September as federal cash is running out. Though this scenario has played out many times before, it takes on special significance now in light of p..

CabbageTech Crypto Scheme Operator Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

News 46-year-old New York resident Patrick McDonnell admitted to stealing funds obtained from his clients instead of investing them in cryptocurrency, Bloomberg reports on June 21. Per the report, McDonnell — who calls himself the “coyote of Wall Street” — pleaded guilty to wire fraud on Friday in..

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