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Bullish Bakkt: Company Launches New Products as Futures Trading Surges

Follow up Each time Bitcoin (BTC) rallies past the all-important $10,000 mark, analysts seek to attribute the rise to major events occurring across the industry. The crypto sector is young, volatile and one major announcement can send ripples across the market. In recent weeks, the market was on ..

Community Divided Over Bakkt’s Crypto Payments App for Starbucks

Just last month, Bakkt finally launched. The crypto trading platform, backed by the NYSE’s parent, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), kicked off its operations by opening a Bitcoin futures market. This was, for those unaware, this most awaited launch of a Bitcoin investment vehicle ever, with man..

What Is Bakkt & How Will it Change the Cryptocurrency World?

Attracting institutional investment money seems to be the new holy grail of cryptocurrency, just shy of Mainstream acceptance. There are powers of money floating through the institutional investment sphere, currently tied up in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Bringing that money into..

Bitcoin Startup Brings Lightning Network Payments to Amazon, Whole Foods

News United States-based payments startup Fold has made Lightning Network (LN) payments possible at Amazon, Starbucks, Uber and other big name retailers. The news was revealed in an official blog post published on July 10. As previously reported, the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network is a second-lay..
Starbucks Retail Bitcoin Payments Just Around the Corner

Starbucks Retail Bitcoin Payments Just Around the Corner

Circulation remains one of the most seemingly insurmountable barriers that Bitcoin needs to cross, and of the fastest ways this could be accomplished would be through the right retail partnership. Investors are anxiously waiting...

Bitcoin Analyst Says BTC Could Reach $25,000 by End of 2019

News Bitcoin (BTC) price analyst Oliver Isaacs thinks it will hit $25,000 around the end of 2019, according to a report by The Independent on June 5. Isaacs discussed the reasons he still has high hopes for a rally in the near future, saying: "There are multiple drivers behind the recent resurgenc..

Bitcoins for Frappuccino: Will Starbucks’ Crypto Endeavours Pave the Way for Mainstream Adoption?

Follow up The United States coffeehouse chain Starbucks is one of the most mainstream companies to look into crypto, and its intentions have finally been confirmed this week: The company has teamed up with Microsoft to track its beans with a blockchain. Moreover, reports say that the coffee giant ..

The Implications of Fusing 5G and Blockchain

The debut of 5G networks will be a boost for blockchain and IoT

The Tipping Point: Kroger, Starbucks May Ignite Retail Crypto

Adoption by Starbucks and Kroger may prove to be a tipping for crypto payments

Hodler’s Digest, March 4–10: Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

Hodler’s Digest Top Stories This WeekResearch: ‘Free’ Electricity for Students Makes College Campuses Major Crypto Miners According to research from tech conglomerate Cisco, college campuses are the second-largest crypto miners across industry verticals. The researchers investigated crypto mining ..

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