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Binance Says Leveraged FTX Removal Comes After Confused Users Hodled Tokens

News Binance blamed customer confusion for its FTX leveraged token delisting, explaining that users held the tokens instead of trading them, which was the originally intended use case. “The leveraged tokens are not designed for long term holding, which is what we noticed users were doing,” a Binan..

Bank of France Launches Experiment Program on Central Bank Digital Currency

News As a number of global jurisdictions like the Bahamas and Sweden are already testing their central bank digital currencies (CBDC), French central bank is getting more straightforward regarding its own CBDC plans. The Bank of France is now officially launching a program of experiments to test t..

Crypto Donation App BABB Waives Fees For Coronavirus Fundraisers

News Crypto wallet banking and donation app BABB has announced the debut of its top-up function, a fee-waiving cash-out policy for COVID-19 fundraisers on its platform. According to the announcement, the company has also added a fiat gateway that every Android and iOS user will have access to. BAB..

Solana and Chainlink Team Up To Build A Crazy Fast Oracle

News Blockchain platform Solana has joined up with decentralized oracle solution Chainlink to construct an oracle that updates incredibly quickly. "We recently saw market failures due to congestion on Ethereum, including oracle failures,” Solana CEO and founder Anatoly Yakovenko told Cointelegrap..

Forte Taps 5 New Gaming Partners as ‘Blockchain by Itself Isn’t Enough’

News Amid the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, some of the world’s biggest game developers like South Korean Netmarble are partnering with blockchain gaming startup Forte Labs to streamline blockchain-powered game experiences. Forte, a known partner of major cry..

Ethereum-Based SkyWeaver Game Launches Season 0

News SkyWeaver, the forthcoming free-to-play blockchain-based card game from Horizon Blockchain Games, has opened its final closed-beta season. On March 21, Horizon announced that season 0 of SkyWeaver had commenced. The season will be live until the launch of SkyWeaver’s open-beta version. Horizo..

STO Platform’s Registration with Traditional Bank Helps Move Security Tokens Forward

News Security token offering (STO) platform, Blockpulse, has obtained registration with the ACPR Bank of France. Blockpulse “registered at ACPR Banque de France with its partner, Lemonway, the leading European digital payment solution for investment platforms,” Blockpulse COO Marien Irzykiewicz to..

Bitfinex to Delist 87 Crypto Trading Pairs Aiming to Improve Liquidity

News Major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced the removal of 87 crypto trading pairs due to low liquidity levels as of March 26 at 10:00 GMT. According to the company, the measure seeks to consolidate and improve liquidity, allowing them to move towards a more streamlined and optimized tra..

Kentucky Distiller Tokenizes Up To $20M of Bourbon Whiskey

News United States-based Wave Financial Group will manage the tokenization of up to $20 million worth of bourbon whiskey produced by Kentucky-based Wilderness Trail Distillery. Wave told Cointelegraph in an email sent on March 18 that the firm will tokenize between 10,000 and 20,000 barrels of liq..

Universal Protocol Alliance Adds Three Tokens on Bittrex Global

News The Universal Protocol Alliance (UPA) officially announced that the Universal Dollar (UPUSD), the Universal Euro (UPEUR), and the Universal Protocol Token (UPT) have been listed on Bittrex Global, offering a lower fee structure for UPT holders. The Alliance stated that the UPUSD and the UPEUR..

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