Bonk Price Prediction after 1,000% Surge in 30 Days – Can it Overtake DOGE and SHIB?


The meme coin phenomenon has a new contender in Bonk Token, which has experienced an astonishing 1,000% surge within a mere 30 days, signaling a potentially seismic shift in the meme coin hierarchy.

With its price currently at a modest $0.000013 and a staggering $2 billion in daily trading volume, Bonk has not just turned heads but spun them.

Ranked at #76 on CoinMarketCap, Bonk boasts a robust market cap of just over $762 million, with a circulating supply pushing past 60 trillion coins.

As it inches closer to the max cap of 100 trillion BONK coins, the question on everyone’s lips is whether this canine-themed currency has the bite to surpass its predecessors, DOGE and SHIB, in the great crypto kennel.

Bonk Price Prediction 

On December 9th, the BONK token’s market standing reflects a significant upswing, capturing the bullish sentiment prevalent in the sector. As we dissect the technical landscape on a four-hour chart, BONK/USD appears to be on an unyielding climb.

The pivot point—a significant indicator of market sentiment—stands at a delicate $0.0000111. From here, the token faces a series of resistance levels at $0.0000128, $0.0000147, and $0.0000166, which could either fortify the bullish narrative or herald a resistance-fueled stalemate.

Conversely, support levels at $0.0000098, $0.0000079, and $0.0000062 offer a safety net for any potential downturns.

A glance at the RSI presents a market flirting dangerously with overbought territory, clocking in at an elevated 94. Such a reading could suggest a forthcoming correction or at least a tempering of momentum.

BONK Price Chart
BONK Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

In contrast, the MACD values signal robust buying interest, with a bullish crossover reinforcing the optimistic outlook.

Noteworthy is the bullish engulfing candle pattern accompanied by a bullish Marubozu candle—both harbingers of a potential continuation in the upward trend.

Yet, one must approach such signs with a blend of optimism and prudence, as meme coins are notoriously volatile and susceptible to swift market mood swings.

In summary, while BONK/USD is bullish above the pivot point of $0.0000111, traders and investors alike are advised to brace for volatility. The short-term prognosis points to an exploration of higher resistances, contingent on market dynamics and sentiment.

As always, vigilance and a keen eye on market shifts are paramount in navigating the meme coin terrains.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.