NFT Game ‘Champions Ascension’ Teams Up with Amazon Prime for Exclusive Rewards


Image Source: Pixabay

Champions Ascension, an action-packed combat-oriented role-playing game, has joined forces with Amazon Prime to provide exclusive in-game rewards for subscribers. 

Starting from Friday, Amazon Prime Gaming is offering its members a chance to claim 100 in-game gold and a loot box containing monster parts, which can be used to craft a monster for the upcoming Maestro Towers mode.

Although Champions Ascension revolves around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and features characters initially minted on Ethereum but later migrated to the Polygon scaling network, the items available through the Amazon Prime giveaway are not tokenized NFTs. 

Instead, they are purely digital in-game items that cannot be traded.

Champions Ascension to Provide Exclusive In-Game Items

Similar to other Web3 games like Gods Unchained and NFL Rivals, Champions Ascension is providing exclusive in-game items through Amazon Prime Gaming. 

These items will be offered biweekly as part of a 12-week promotion, with additional resources like essence and bone, along with more monster part boxes, to be distributed.

Amazon Prime subscribers already enjoy a wide range of free in-game content not only for NFT games such as Mojo Melee, Brawlers, and the aforementioned titles but also for popular “Web2” games like League of Legends, Roblox, Madden NFL 24, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Champions Ascension is currently in an early access alpha playtest phase ahead of its broader release for Windows PC. 

The game plans to launch on the Steam platform; however, it will not integrate NFT functionality due to Steam’s restrictions on blockchain features.

By partnering with Amazon Prime, Champions Ascension expands its reach and offers exclusive rewards to a broader audience. 

Nevertheless, the collaboration highlights the increasing integration of blockchain-based games into mainstream platforms and the growing recognition of NFTs as a valuable component of the gaming experience. 

Web3 Games Have a High Chance of Failure

As reported, three out of every four Web3 games launched in the past five years have met their demise, presenting a bleak outlook for GameFi industry. 

In a recent report, CoinGecko analyzed the launch and success rates of 2,817 games between 2018 and 2023. 

Shockingly, only 690 games managed to maintain a somewhat active player base, while a staggering 2,100 games have ceased operations, which translates to an alarming annual failure rate of 80.8% for Web3 games during this period. 

The failure rate was calculated by comparing the number of failed games to the total number of games launched.

CoinGecko defines a failed Web3 game as one that experiences a 99% drop in active users based on a 14-day moving average from its peak. 

The discouraging outlook is surprising considering the initial acclaim Web3 gaming received within the crypto community, offering users the ability to earn substantial rewards and tangible value from their gaming experiences. 

The sector has also attracted significant interest and investments in the crypto space.

Even in the current year, Web3 gaming projects have secured over $2 billion in funding. However, the CoinGecko report casts doubt on the sustainability of the industry.