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Economic Dept. of Dubai Unveils Blockchain-Based Business Registry

News The Department of Economic Development in Dubai has announced its move to a blockchain-based unified business registry platform (UBRP). According to a Saudi Gazette report on Oct. 7, the platform aims to improve the ease of doing business in Dubai and enable license issuers to manage trade li..

Germany’s GDP Drop Ignites Fears of Economic Contagion

Germany’s economy shrinks, fuelling risks of a recession and fears of economic contagion throughout Europe. Unfortunately, central banks have limited resources to reduce the effects of broad-based economic decline. Failures of the ‘New Normal’ Over the last ten years, economic stagnation has prevai..

Market Outlook: Bitcoin Cash Spikes While Economic Fears Spread Worldwide

On Tuesday, August 13, most digital currency prices have dropped in value between 2-5% while crypto trade volumes globally have fallen to $46 billion in the last 48 hours. Despite the downturns across the board, bitcoin cash (BCH) is holding steady, up 2% today and now commanding the fourth largest ..

Feared Run on British Banks Supports Calls For Decentralization

A prominent government minister in Britain has proposed the idea of closing banking institutions in order to mitigate the impact of an unstructured exit from the European Union. Analysts call the proposal ineffective and another reason to support broader arguments for decentralization. Desperation ..

Market Outlook: Trade Wars and Filthy Fiat Battles Fuel Crypto Prices

A slew of digital currencies have gathered decent gains over the last 48 hours and the entire market capitalization now stands at around $308 billion. Moreover, cryptocurrency trade volumes have kicked up a notch, capturing $66 billion in swaps over the last day. Overall, speculators think the recen..

More Signs the Next Big Financial Crisis May Begin in Germany

Germany, the locomotive of Europe’s huge economy, is entering a difficult period, various indicators suggest. And when the Federal Republic sneezes, the Old Continent usually catches a cold. This time, Germany may infect the rest of the world as well. Regulators in the country are busy drafting proh..

FB Libra Would ‘Discipline’ Gov’ts With Weak Economies: Ex Central Banker

News Any country seeing widespread use of Facebook’s proposed Libra digital currency could find that its central bank monetary policy is severely undermined. This is the view of Hiromi Yamaoka, former Bank of Japan executive, who oversaw research into digital currencies for the organization. “The ..

US Moves Closer to Accepting Blockchain, Still Uncertain Over Crypto

Analysis Despite concerns expressed by many United States regulators during the recent House Committee on Financial Services’ hearing on Facebook’s proposed digital currency, Libra, an increasing number of U.S. lawmakers are speaking out in favor of developing a permissive regulatory apparatus to ..

Brazilian Trade Official Says Tax Reform Will Lead to Evasion Via Crypto

News The head of a major Brazilian trade association, the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP), said that Brazilians could start using crypto to evade taxes. Paulo Skaf, the president of the FIESP, expressed concern over the recent tax reform proposal by Brazilian President J..

CBDCs of the World: The Benefits and Drawbacks of National Cryptos, According to Different...

State-backed digital currencies are widely discussed among many countries worldwide, from China to Tunisia. Here are some major examples of CBDCs from different parts of the world

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