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On “Markets Daily,” Tom Schmidt, General Partner at Dragonfly, discusses market pricing, indicating a 0% probability of a rate cut in June. He and Sanasie delve into the disappointing performance of Hong Kong ETFs compared to US ETFs, highlighting the former’s role as an accessible vehicle for Bitcoin investment endorsed by regulators. Despite Hong Kong’s crypto-friendly environment, ETF inflows are slowing in both Hong Kong and the U.S., with investors shifting toward lower-cost options to reduce fees and improve returns. The conversation anticipates a potentially more hawkish tone from the upcoming Fed meeting but remains optimistic about controlling inflation. They also touch on conflicting views regarding inflation and rate cuts, noting external pressures favoring lower rates to stimulate the economy.

00:00 Introduction
02:15 Hong Kong ETFs
04:15 Regulatory Endorsement: The ETF’s Impact on Bitcoin as an Asset Class
06:38 Conflicting Ideas on Inflation and Rate Cuts
08:45 The Future Price Range of Bitcoin
10:56 The Importance of Regulatory Compliance
13:02 The Potential Turf War Between the SEC and CFTC
13:43 The Need for Clarity and a Clear Path Forward
14:31 The Importance of Points in Bootstrapping Networks
15:30 The Future of Liquidity Mining and Points

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