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Mark Mobius: Buy Gold as Bitcoin Price Rises, Central Banks Cut Rates

News Veteran frontier markets investor Mark Mobius suggested that cryptocurrencies will boost the price of gold. Canadian finance news outlet BNN Bloomberg interviewed Mark Mobius on Aug. 20. The legendary investor believes cryptocurrencies will help the rise of gold. He explained: “You have all..

Ron Paul Slams Fednow Payment System and Encourages Crypto Competition

Ron Paul, the muckraking former congressman from Texas, is stirring things up once again, this time taking aim at the new real-time digital payment system proposed last week by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Presented as an innovative solution by government and media voices, the cryptosphere received the..

Hodler’s Digest, Aug. 5–11: Naughty North Korea, India’s Bombshell, LTC Flops

Hodler’s Digest U.S. Federal Reserve launching payment system, crypto bulls nonplussedThe United States Federal Reserve left some crypto enthusiasts unimpressed this week when it unveiled plans to release a real-time payments and settlements service. Known as FedNow, it is hoped the infrastructure..

Owning Fiat Just Got More Expensive – NIRP Strikes Again

With the recent Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) announcement that even more customers will be charged to hold money in their banks, people are scrambling to find ways to preserve their wealth, while USB and others scramble to dam the losses resulting from national negative interest rate policy (NIRP..

US Federal Reserve Launching Payment System, Crypto Bulls Nonplussed

News The United States Federal Reserve Board is planning to release a real-time payments and settlements service in order to boost the payments infrastructure in the country. A press release published on Aug. 5 reads that the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has requested that Fede..

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Back Above $10,000

Bitcoin rose above $10,000 as July came to an end but that wasn’t enough to prevent BTC’s first monthly loss in 2019. Here are three likely reasons responsible for the move above $10k. Fed Rate Cut For the first time in a decade, the U.S. Federal Reserve cut interest rates by a quarter of a percent..

Good for Bitcoin: Federal Reserve Cuts Rates For First Time in a Decade

For the first time since the Great Recession in 2008, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee has cut interest rates. While this is a decision made by an authority in the fiat money world, prominent crypto analyst Thomas Lee suggests that it’s entirely bullish for Bitcoin.A Brief History Les..

Fundstrat Co-Founder Tom Lee: US Fed Rate Cuts Are Helping Bitcoin

News Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee believes that recent interest rate cuts in the United States by the Federal Reserve are a boon for Bitcoin (BTC). Lee remarked on how the rate cuts positively impact Bitcoin investment in an interview with Fox Business on July 31, saying: “Bitcoin..

The Next Big Financial Meltdown Is Around the Corner, Many Voices Warn

“The economy is looking great,” how many times have they told you that? And why do you usually hear it when you are late on a mortgage payment or during a downsizing purge at your company? Relying on your senses is always a safer bet than trusting the wishful thinking of those who invested political..

Bullish for Bitcoin: Trump Urges Federal Reserve to Go Inflationary

American President Donald Trump and the Bitcoin community have been butting heads as of late. Not only because of his impassioned “tweetstorm” against cryptocurrency, but also due to the economic and fiscal policies he wants to impose on the United States. Trump believes it is best for the Federal ..

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