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1000 Crypto Mining Licenses Granted by Iranian Government

The Gulf nation has issued some 1,000 crypto mining licenses to miners as studies from an information and communications technology (ICT) non-profit organization (NGO) suggests that cryptocurrency could pull billions of dollars into Iran’s economy. Tehran Issues 1,000 Crypto Mining Licenses Accordi..

Iranian Authorities Have Issued 1,000 Licenses for Cryptocurrency Mining

News Iran’s Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade has issued over 1,000 cryptocurrency mining licenses to domestic operations. According to a report published on Jan. 24 by Iran’s Banking and Economic System Reference Media (IBENA), a member of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT..

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven for Your Money?

Video In the summer of 2019, the 10-year minus 3-month yield curve inverted for the first time in 13 years. During the time of the inversion, Bitcoin’s price hit all-time highs for the year. The previous inversion in 2006 was followed shortly thereafter by the global economic crisis of 2008. On Ja..

Is Central Asia the New Safe Haven for Crypto Mining Amid Iran-US Crisis?

Analysis Recently, the cryptocurrency mining community has been shaken with rumors of Chinese miners leaving Iran — where crypto mining is authorized as an industrial activity — for Central Asia. The move has ostensibly been taken in an attempt to find a new safe haven amid the tensions between th..

Crypto Community Eyes US–Iran Crisis As Tensions Flare

Analysis For one week, the Iran–United States military crisis gripped the crypto community. It began on Jan. 3 with a U.S. drone strike on a convoy traveling near Baghdad International Airport, killing Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The price of Bit..

Bitcoin Breakout Hopes, Telegram Trial, Binance Donation: Hodler’s Digest, Jan. 6–12

Hodler’s Digest Coming every Sunday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link. Top Stories This Week..

Bitcoin Is Becoming More Valuable to Iranians Amid Tensions With US

Analysis Earlier this week, the world’s flagship crypto asset saw its value surge from around the $8,000 mark to just over $8,430 within an hour’s time. This latest price action came after the Iranian government decided to launch a missile attack on an Iraqi military base housing American troops. ..

Bitcoin Price Seemingly Gains Macro Asset Status Amid Iran Crisis

Late last week, the world found itself embroiled in its latest conflict: a spat between the U.S. and Iran. For those who missed the memo, on Thursday last week, U.S. officials revealed that Iranian General Qassem Soleimani (deemed to be the country’s second most important leader, at least from a mi..

Google Trends Sees ‘Bitcoin Iran’ Surge 4,500% on Safe Haven Narrative

Markets News Bitcoin (BTC) benefiting from the Iran crisis has captured the imagination of internet users worldwide, with its Google search popularity up almost 5,000%. According to data from Google Trends, the search term “Bitcoin Iran” surged 4,450% in the seven days to Jan. 8. Bitcoin search p..

2019 to 2020: Insiders, Outsiders and Experimenters in Crypto Regulation, Part 3

New Year Special This is the final part of a three-part series covering the regulatory landscape for cryptos in 2019 and thinking about the prospects for 2020. The first two parts covered the “Insiders” of Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, and “Outsider” nations such as China, Russia and ..

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