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Iran Considers New System of Annual Registration for Crypto Miners

News As part of ongoing maneuvers to legitimize the industry, Iran’s cabinet is looking into a proposal to register cryptocurrency miners on a year-to-year basis. The proposalAccording to documents reported by Coindesk on Sept. 19, a draft proposal to register crypto mining operations is currently..

Bitcoin Miners to Enjoy Tax Holiday in Iran

Iran’s government is looking to provide tax breaks for bitcoin miners in the country. This move is the latest in a series of steps geared towards supporting the local crypto industry as a way of boosting the country’s economy. Meanwhile, bitcoin mining continues to see increased activity as the net..

Iranian Crypto Miners Tax Exempt If They Repatriate Offshore Earnings

News Cryptocurrency miners in Iran will be eligible for a tax exemption if they agree to repatriate their overseas earnings, according to Iran's National Tax Administration (INTA). Per a report by local English-lanuage news daily Financial Tribune, INTA introduced a repatriation tax exemption..

Iran Crypto Devs Launch Platform for Flood Victims in Light of US Sanctions

News Volunteer cryptocurrency developers in Iran have created a blockchain platform called IranRescueBit, which allows people to make charitable cryptocurrency donations to aid regions in the country in recovering from destructive flooding. Al Jazeera shared the news in a report on Aug. 14. Accord..

From Booze to Bitcoin Mining – Why Violent Prohibition Is Always Harmful

Stories continue to emerge about newly discovered illegal mining operations being busted by state and corporate authorities. Just last week Iranian media reported the seizure of 177 Bitcoin mining units worth over $270,000 being smuggled via truck in the Arak region. On July 31, Russia’s Kraskom pow..

How Governments Steal Your Money and Conceal It Through Inflation

Dozens of countries all over the world have used the same trick called redenomination to hide how they have stolen their own citizens’ money through inflation or hyperinflation. The next nation to try this economic sleight of hand is the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Also Read: Global..

New Iranian Law: Government Will Not Recognize Crypto-Related Trade

News The Iranian government has instituted a new law that does not accept crypto as legal tender or recognize domestic transactions carried out with cryptocurrencies. On Aug. 4, the Cabinet of Iran ratified and released a new bill saying that the government will not recognize any domestic trading ..

Iranian Police Seize Batch of 117 Smuggled Crypto Mining Machines

News Iranian provincial police have arrested an individual smuggling in cryptocurrency mining machines, local news agency Fars News reported on July 31. The Saveh Police Department's Anti-Trafficking Police seized a truck allegedly carrying 117 cryptocurrency mining machines to the value of 1..

Cryptocurrency Mining is Now An Industrial Activity in Iran

The government of Iran has officially legitimized cryptocurrency mining as industrial activity in the country, according to reports from Mehr News Agency. Per the report, the decision was taken during a Sunday cabinet session chaired by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. Henceforth, cryptocurrency mi..

Iran Gives Nod to Cryptocurrency Mining

Iran’s government has given the green light to a cryptocurrency mining mechanism, thus recognizing the Bitcoin and crypto industry, local media portal TehranTimes reported on Monday, citing news agency Mehr. Crypto Mining Has Legal Grounds in Iran It’s official – the Iranian governments’ economic c..

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