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John McAfee Launches WHACKD — An ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Crypto

News American entrepreneur and vocal crypto advocate John McAfee has launched a polemical meme cryptocurrency dubbed “WHACKD.” The token’s full rubric — “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” — was revealed in McAfee’s Nov. 11 Twitter announcement on Nov. 11. A dead billionaire, the former first lady... ..

Bitcoin Bull McAfee: Crypto Companies Shouldn’t Need to Stop Crime

Like a majority of other digital technologies, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been used by criminals for criminal activity. There’s no getting around it or sugarcoating it. It should come as no surprise then that the world’s authorities are forcing digital asset exchanges and service providers to..

John McAfee: Authorities Should Not Expect Crypto Firms to Stop Crypto Crimes

News John McAfee said that it is not the responsibility of cryptocurrency firms to help prevent crypto use in crime. McAfee delivered his remarks in an interview with Washington D.C.-based news agency The Hill on Nov. 11. McAfee argued that authorities should not require cryptocurrency companies a..

John McAfee: Stablecoins Solve the ‘Fiat Problem’ for Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

John McAfee — cybersecurity expert and crypto bull, says stablecoins could hold the key to solving some of the core issues with decentralized exchanges (DEX). With centralized exchanges still holding sway in the crypto trading markets, some cryptocurrency purists say DEX adoption needs to become the..

McAfee Champions Importance of Stablecoins for Decentralized Exchanges

News American entrepreneur and staunch crypto advocate, John McAfee, has argued for the importance of stablecoins for decentralized exchange (DEX) adoption. McAfee made his argument in a tweet posted on Oct. 20. Stablecoins as an interim solutionMcAfee’s video begins by tackling the main obstacle ..

John McAfee’s Decentralized Crypto Exchange Launches in Beta

News American entrepreneur and vocal crypto advocate John McAfee has launched a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. McAfee DEX is set to run in a beta release status as of Oct. 7, according to the new platform’s official website and McAfee’s personal Twitter feed..

John McAfee Defends $1 Million Bitcoin Price Prediction: Cites Scarcity

In 2017, the price of Bitcoin exploded. Seemingly every few weeks, the cryptocurrency would hit a new price milestone, mounting past $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, and so on in rapid succession. Despite this already jaw-dropping bout of price action, many commentators argued that the move to $20,000 from..

McAfee: Bitcoin’s Scarcity Will Trigger Its Price to Hit $1M in 2020

News Major Bitcoin (BTC) bull, programmer and 2020 United States presidential campaigner John McAfee has explained why Bitcoin will hit $1 million in 2020. “I said $1 million and I’m sticking to one”McAfee, known for his brave prediction that the biggest cryptocurrency will hit $500,000 in 2020, h..

Crypto in Cuba Faces Challenges Despite Growing Adoption, Overview

Analysis Following the roll-out of mobile internet across the country in 2018, many ordinary Cubans are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to bypass economic sanctions imposed by the United States and access the global marketplace. Despite growing adoption, cryptocurrencies still face a number of..

The Modern Era of Free Range Slaves: How Bitcoin Breaks the Mold

In a string of recent Tweets, 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate and fugitive from the law John McAfee has been talking about slavery. Urging people to “wake up” and assuring them that neither compliance with the status quo, nor stacks of riches, can set them free. Indeed, when the current stat..

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