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Samsung Files Patent for ‘Programmable Blockchain Solid State Drive’

News South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has filed a patent for a blockchain-enabled Solid State Drive (SSD). “Programmable blockchain solid state drive and switch”Local industry news outlet Decenter reported on Sept. 3 that Samsung applied for the “programmable blockchain solid state ..

Alibaba Files US Patent for Blockchain Domain Name Management System

News Chinese online retail giant Alibaba has applied for a United States patent entitled “Domain Name Management Scheme for Cross-Chain Interactions in Blockchain Systems.” Alibaba filed its latest application on Aug. 15 in a continuation of an application filed in November 2018. According to the..

tZERO Announces Patent for Traditional Exchange Blockchain Integration

News Blockchain startup tZERO, announced that it has been awarded a patent for a technology allowing to anchor traditional trades and exchanges to public blockchains. A blockchain integration for exchangesThe company announced the development in a press release published on Aug. 6. The patent repo..

US Awards Patent for Blockchain-Based Firearm Data Recording System

News Two American inventors have won a patent for a blockchain-based recording system for ballistic data. The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded two inventors — Jason Palazzolo and Kevin Barnes — a patent for a “firearm environmental recording apparatus and system” on July 23. This..

Bank of America’s Blockchain Foray: Patent Trolling or Hedging Risks?

Analysis Earlier this week, Bank of America (BofA), one the United States’ largest financial institutions, made a massive splash in the crypto sphere as the details of its recently registered patent, entitled “Real-Time Net Settlement by Distributed Ledger System” and citing the Ripple blockchain,..

South Korea Has the Highest Rate of Granted Blockchain Patents

News South Korea has the highest blockchain patent grant rate, according to London-based law firm Withers & Rogers. Meanwhile, Japan comes at a distant second, Intellectual property business media platform IAM reports on July 23. Getting a blockchain patent in China takes a whilePer the report, So..

Bank of America Files Patent for Settlement System Citing Ripple

News Bank of America has filed for a patent for a settlement system citing the Ripple ledger, according to a filing on Google Patents. The patent in question — the application of which was published on June 6 — describes a system using distributed ledger technology (DLT) as an interbank communicat..

IBM Triples Number of Blockchain Patents in US Since Last Year

News Tech giant IBM has tripled the number of blockchain patents secured in the United States since last year, currently boasting over 100 active patent families. That makes IBM’s growth in US patents the largest of last year, according to a report by BeinCrypto on July 16. According to data gathe..

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