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How Bridging Blockchains Unlocks Value and Unites Crypto Tribes

Interoperability is a multisyllabic word for a multi-faceted problem. How do you get blockchains to communicate with one another? Until recently, there’s been no easy way to achieve this, leaving assets isolated and smart contract-powered dapps siloed on their respective protocols. Before crypto ass..

Polkadot Team Announces Kusama “Canary Network” for Experiments

The much-hyped Polkadot Network is coming, but not before a spinoff launches. Call it Polkadot’s cousin, a side protocol, a “canary in the coal mine,” or its official name the Kusama Network — but it’s no mere testnet.That’s per the non-profit Web3 Foundation, who, in unveiling the Kusama Network..

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