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“This Is the Year for Bitcoin”: Novogratz Expects Bitcoin to Hit $20,000 in 2020

Despite the recent recovery in the crypto markets, Bitcoin remains far below its all-time high of $20,000. But according to a top investor, the cryptocurrency will revisit this price in the very near future. Bitcoin to Soon Surmount $20,000? In April 2nd’s episode of CNBC “Closing Bell,” Mike Novo..

Bitcoin Retakes $6,400 After Falling 10% Over the Weekend

On the weekend, Bitcoin plunged lower, falling from the mid-$6,000s range to $5,800 over the course of a day, marking a loss of over 10%. Interestingly, this move coincided with a slight drop in the unofficial weekend futures of the Dow Jones Index as investors were hesitant heading into the week a..

Bitcoin Stalls in the Mid-$6,000s as Stock Market Rally Continues

For over 48 hours, Bitcoin has flatlined — establishing a tight, less-than-10% range in the mid-$6,000s. This comes after BTC embarked on a 25% rally from the $5,000s to a price as high as $7,100 that transpired this weekend and early this week, which coincided with a smaller but equally-as-notable..

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $350,000 in the Next 25 Years, Says Kraken Research

Researchers at major crypto exchange platform Kraken say the Bitcoin (BTC) price could reach $350,000 by 2045. This prediction is based on the expected wealth transfer that will happen over the next two decades giving millennials substantial capital to invest in the top-ranked cryptocurrency. Krake..

Binance CEO Says $100,000 Bitcoin Is “Not Hard to Imagine”

The entire world, including the Bitcoin industry, has been ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak over the past few weeks; indeed, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, authorities have been forced to enact emergency measures, thereby shutting down thousands of businesses (both big and small) and resulti..

Bitcoin Poised to Surge past $7,000: Bull Case Strengthens

Even amid continued uncertainty about the future of the economy, Bitcoin has started to gain strength, rallying as high as $6,850 on Tuesday morning, a whole 80% higher than the $3,800 bottom the cryptocurrency established at the worst of “Black Thursday.” With this latest move higher, the cryptocu..

Top Investor Seriously Expects Bitcoin to Hit $50,000: Here’s Why

At $6,200, where the cryptocurrency trades as of the time of this article’s writing, Bitcoin is far below $20,000, its December 2017 all-time high. It’s even lower than $50,000 — a price that a leading investor says BTC could reach in a relatively short period of time. Here’s why he thinks so. Bit..

Bitcoin Price Blows Past $6,000 Amid Fed Plan for Infinite QE

Amid news of the U.S. Federal Reserve removing its upper limit for funds dedicated to purchasing treasuries and mortgage securities, the Bitcoin (BTC) price has crossed the $6,000 price mark. With stakeholders looking to stimulate the U.S. economy following panic caused by the current COVID-19 pand..

Bitcoin Surges 80% From $3,800 Bottom as S&P 500 Recovers

One week ago today, many investors thought Bitcoin was on its way to $0; last Thursday and Friday, the cryptocurrency fell by over 50% within a 24-hour time span, crashing from $7,700 to $3,800 amid a global meltdown in all markets that saw the American stock market register one of its worst days. E..

Crypto Markets Go Green One Week After “Black Thursday” Sell-Off

On March 12th, Wall Street and the cryptoeconomy experienced a “Black Thursday” of epic proportions, as the top U.S. stock indexes plunged intraday and the top cryptocurrencies bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) both lost 50% respectively in the same span. Just one week later, and things looked quite di..

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