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Calibra Head David Marcus Touts Libra’s Money Laundering Standards

News Calibra CEO David Marcus recently claimed that the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards of Libra — Facebook’s proposed stablecoin project — will be better than other payments networks. Citing statements from Marcus’ speech at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, finance publication Finex..

Stanford Prof: Crypto Will Rain on Banks’ Low-Interest Rate Parade

News A professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business says cryptocurrencies will put an end to the windfall that banks currently enjoy from low-interest deposits. In an Oct 24 interview for the university, Dean Witter Distinguished Professor of Finance Darrell Duffies said that one way or anoth..

After 6 Hours of Zuckerberg Testimony, Congress Still Hates Libra

Follow up Yesterday, Oct. 23, Cointelegraph reported from the United States House of Representatives as the Financial Services Committee questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for over six hours. While focused on the Libra Association and its planned Libra token, the hearing expanded to touch on ..

McAfee Champions Importance of Stablecoins for Decentralized Exchanges

News American entrepreneur and staunch crypto advocate, John McAfee, has argued for the importance of stablecoins for decentralized exchange (DEX) adoption. McAfee made his argument in a tweet posted on Oct. 20. Stablecoins as an interim solutionMcAfee’s video begins by tackling the main obstacle ..

Swiss Federal Council Continues to Monitor Stablecoins and Blockchain

News The Swiss Federal Council is continuing to keep close tabs on global stablecoin projects and their possible opportunities and challenges. Switzerland is seen as very crypto-friendlyIn a press release on Oct. 16, the Swiss Federal Council stated that it was recently informed about “current opp..

Op Ed: Do Stablecoins Matter, or are they just a Fad?

Stablecoins – cryptocurrency coins and tokens that are designed to maintain a steady price – have been around for a couple years now. Typically, stablecoins are tied to the value of a popular fiat currency such as the US dollar. In times of turmoil when markets are dropping, historically stablecoin..

Libra Association’s Head of Product Spent Just Five Months in the Role

News Simon Morris, the head of product at the Libra Association, has left the project within five months of joining, according to his LinkedIn profile accessed on Oct. 9. The Switzerland-registered Libra Association is a not-for-profit membership organization established to govern the network for ..

US House Committee Demands Zuckerberg Testify About Libra Before January

News The United States House Financial Services Committee has reportedly invited Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to testify on Oct. 29 about the company’s plans for its Libra stablecoin. According to a report from The Information on Oct. 3, the invitation comes with a key condition: that CEO Mark Zu..

Former Employees of JP Morgan, Intel and TrustToken Launch Stablecoin

News The Global Currency Organization (GCO) is launching a new U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin, dubbed the USD Digital (USDD). The new product was announced in an Oct. 1 news release shared with Cointelegraph. GCO, a new project led by former employees of JPMorgan, Intel and TrustToken, said that i..

IMF Staff: Stablecoins Might Come to Rely on Central Bank Reserves

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the 189-member international body focused on global monetary cooperation, is increasingly doing its homework on the possibilities of using blockchain tech to meld public and private banking — at least if a new blog from two of the organization’s top officials i..

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