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Crypto Exchange OKEx Launches Bitcoin Futures Margined With Tether

News Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has launched Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts that are margined with the Tether (USDT) stablecoin. OKEx announced the new offering in a press release on Nov. 14. OKEx first announced its intention to launch USDT-settled futures trading with up to 100x leverage at t..

Tether Stablecoin Issuer: USDT Backed 1:1 With Reserves Again

Tether, the creators and issuers of the tether (USDT) stablecoin, said this week that its dollar-pegged cryptocurrency is once again backed 1:1 with its fiat reserves, after a company affidavit back in the spring noted that only “74 percent of the current outstanding tethers” were backed by “cash an..

Tether Refutes Paper Naming USDT Manipulation as Cause of 2017 BTC Bull Run

News Tether has issued a response to a recently surfaced paper that alleges that a single whale manipulated the market to cause 2017’s bull run in Bitcoin (BTC) price. The responseTether, which is behind the dollar-backed stablecoin USDT, published the response on the company’s website on Nov. 7, ..

Stablecoin Adoption: DAI in a Visa Card, Tether Sees Use in E-Commerce

News Ethereum-based decentralized stablecoin DAI is now spendable where VISA cards are accepted and leading stablecoin Tether (USDT) is seeing increasing use by e-commerce organizations. DAI now usable in E.U. storesAccording to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Oct. 29, collaborative fina..

Nearly 12% of All Tether Is Now on Tron After $100M Chain Swap

News The amount of Tether (USDT) tokens issued on the Tron (TRX) blockchain now accounts for nearly 12% of all USDT tokens. 350 million to 450 million in one dayLaunched in mid-April 2019, TRC20-based USDT has hit a total supply of over 490 million tokens on Oct. 25, which now makes up almost 12% ..

How Severe Is Roche Freedman’s Lawsuit Against Tether and Bitfinex?

Analysis At the start of October, New York-based legal firm Roche Freedman filed a new class-action lawsuit against stablecoin firm Tether and digital currency exchange Bitfinex. The case accuses the aforementioned entities of manipulating the market by using a host of sophisticated schemes that i..

“The Largest Bubble”: Tether (USDT) Backers Hit With New Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiffs have filed a class action lawsuit seeking damages worth more than $1.4 trillion USD against the backers of tether (USDT) and multiple affiliates of the stablecoin project. Launched by five cryptocurrency traders and “all others similar situated,” the suit alleges that Bitfinex, Tether, a..

Tether Mints 300M USDT in Chain Swap, Corresponding Burn Still Awaits

News The operator of leading stablecoin USDT, Tether, minted 300 million USDT in a swap from the Bitcoin-based (BTC) tokenization protocol Omni to Ethereum, but the corresponding burn has not yet taken place. Whale Alert, a twitter account dedicated to reporting big cryptocurrency transactions, po..

Market Update: Prices Drop as Crypto Sentiment Enters the Fear Zone

Cryptocurrency markets fell hard on August 21 following the $700 price drop bitcoin core (BTC) saw during the early morning trading sessions. Most digital assets have lost 2-8% in value as the overall market valuation of all 2,000+ coins has plunged to $263 billion. Crypto price movements have been ..

Bitcoin Drops to $10,000 in Recent Downtrend

News Despite exceeding $12,000 several times this month, Bitcoin (BTC) has slumped back to $10,000 in a recent downtrend. The number one cryptocurrency last traded below $10,000 on July 31. A little earlier this month, experts were optimistic about Bitcoin continuing its rally, citing geopolitical..

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