A Trio of Crypto Trends: Meme or Hype? Ethereum Tokens, a Bitcoin Code Resurgence and Airdrop Fever


In this installment of “The Protocol,” hosts Brad Keoun, the founding editor of The Protocol Newsletter, and tech journalists Sam Kessler and Margaux Nijkerk, explore three key topics: the inception of DN 404 tokens on Ethereum, the resurgence of the OP_CAT function in Bitcoin and the ongoing airdrop season in the crypto sphere, delving into the implications and controversies surrounding these developments.

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00:00 – Story 1: Ethereum developers create DN 404 tokens after ERC 404s send network fees surging
08:06- Story 2: Satoshi era Bitcoin function, Opcat dusted off as development fervor grows
18:25- Story 3: Airdrop season and its implications
28:52- Conclusion and Wrap-up

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