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Binance Academy Establishes Physical Presence in Shanghai

News Binance Academy has entered into an agreement with Shanghai’s local government to set up an office in the country. The initiative will reportedly be devoted to research blockchain technology in accordance with an Oct. 24 statement from Xi Jinping promoting its use. As announced on March 27 by..

China and UK’s Planned Digital Currencies Appear to Have Little in Common

News As major central bank digital currency (CBDC) projects develop apace, it is becoming clear that not all digital coins will look, or even function the same way. A recent analysis by Chinese financial media group InterChain Pulse reveals that two of the most visible such projects — those of the..

Turning A Crisis Into An Opportunity, China Gets One Step Closer to CBDC

News As central banks around the world are cutting interest rates to zero and taking aggressive action against the economic recession due to the coronavirus pandemic, China’s central bank is accelerating its central bank digital currency (CBDC) plan. According to a Global Times report on March 24,..

Report: Despite Coronavirus Delay, China’s Digital Currency Is on Its Way

Prior to the novel coronavirus spreading through the Western world, it did its rounds in China: tens of thousands were infected, thousands died, and a whole economy — the world’s second-largest economy at that — was brought to a standstill due to the virus. Like the measures the West is now taking,..

MakerDAO’s Gustav Arentoft: Decentralization Is Not a Binary Choice

Analysis Decentralized finance, more commonly known as DeFi, is quite complicated. Even the heads of DeFi companies seem unable to define the sector in a few sentences. So, here’s another attempt: DeFi is a financial ecosystem, in which it is possible to build tools, services and smart contracts a..

Alipay Patents Reveal More Details About China’s Forthcoming CBDC

News In the past month, Chinese payments platform Alipay has disclosed a number of patents relating to and revealing more details of China’s planned central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital yuan. According to a report in local media outlet Interchain Pulse on March 23, Alipay is set to pl..

Over 172 Million Weibo Users Personal Data Is For Sale on Dark Web

News Chinese social media giant saw a massive data breach result in data of millions of users available for sale on the dark web. According to a March 19 report from Chinese blockchain news outlet Jinse, basic account information of 172 million users was available, priced at 0.177 BTC. The accoun..

Blockchain Salaries in China Dropped 37% in 2019: Report

News Despite the rising value of blockchain skills in the global job market, some countries like China reduced salaries offered to blockchain employees in 2019, a new report says. According to the “2020 China Blockchain Professional Development Report,” the average salary offered to blockchain ind..

Report: ICO Fundraising Plummeted 95% Year-Over-Year in 2019

News A report published by research firm CB Insights has found that equity funding has dramatically overtaken initial coin offerings (ICOs) as the dominant means of finance in the blockchain space. While the largely unregulated ICO boom of 2018 raised $7.8 billion, initial coin offering funding f..

Is Staking the Answer to Cryptocurrency’s Mining Problems?

Opinion For a tech that was supposed to be democratic and distributed in order to free financial systems from the grip of government-influenced banks and return control of the money supply to the people, cryptocurrencies have turned out to be pretty concentrated. Some 66% of all Bitcoin (BTC) min..

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