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Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 8–14 in Review

Local News The Spanish-speaking world sees major cryptocurrency and blockchain developments with Uruguay approving a new bill that could be applied positively to ICOs, Cuba using crypto to access the global economy and Venezuela finally installing its first Bitcoin (BTC) ATM. Here is the past week..

Cubans Are Turning to Bitcoin to Access Global Economy: Report

News Bitcoin (BTC) trading is opening new avenues for citizens in Communist-run Cuba, which has been financially isolated for years under a United States trade embargo. A Sept. 12 report from U.S. News claims that with the recent advent of mobile internet in the country, Cubans are increasingly bu..
Fugitive John McAfee Plans Ambitious Cuban Cryptocurrency Project

Fugitive John McAfee Plans Ambitious Cuban Cryptocurrency Project

The founder of the antivirus software industry is currently in Cuba evading American revenue enforcement agents, but this situation has not stopped him from making lofty cryptocurrency plans. John David McAfee believes that the...

McAfee on BTC, Exile & the US: ‘No Way the Current System Can Survive’

“God Almighty, I am a rebel. I'm an outrage to the stability of the U.S. corrupt government” — John McAfee talks to Cointelegraph about living on the run and the future of crypto adoption

A History of Violent Intervention: John McAfee Offers to Help Cuba Resist US Sanctions...

Former antivirus software guru and 2020 Libertarian presidential “hopeful” John McAfee is a controversial figure, polarizing opinion in politics and culture, and taking a bold stand against the U.S. federal government. Most recently this has involved offering to help the Cuban state develop its own ..

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