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Jack Dorsey’s Square Awarded Patent for Real-Time Crypto-to-Fiat Swaps

News Financial services and mobile payment company Square thinks it has found a way to turn fiat into crypto in real-time point-of-sale transactions. How it works On Jan. 21, the United States Patent Office awarded Square a patent for a technology that the team argues cracks a present barrier in ..

Square’s Crypto Division Finally Releases Details of First Bitcoin Product

Last year, Jack Dorsey — the chief executive of both Square and Twitter — began to openly shill Bitcoin in a number of public channels. For instance, on the Joe Rogan Podcast, he revealed that he thinks the cryptocurrency will become a native currency of the Internet, and during an official earning..

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Trust Chain Begins Yet Again

If you’ve been a part of the Bitcoin community for any notable period of time, you likely know that according to many, the cryptocurrency has scaling issues. Near the top of the crypto bubble in 2017, fees to send BTC surged by thousands of percent from their normal rate to hit $25 to $50, dependin..

Privacy and Scalability of Lightning Network Lower Than Expected: Report

News Researchers from cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX have suggested that the privacy and scalability benefits of Bitcoin’s (BTC) implementation of the Lightning Network are less than expected. A report published by BitMEX on Jan. 11 illustrates the researchers’ efforts to determine the growth of t..

Bitfinex Allows Lightning Network Shopping on Bitrefill with Bitcoin

News Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and crypto store Bitrefill partnered to allow the trading platform’s clients to shop with Bitcoin (BTC) over the Lightning Network. According to a press release published on Dec. 4, Bitfinex users can instantly pay for a variety of services with Bitcoin that t..

Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments Hit Bitfinex in Industry First

News Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has revealed the first of two major upgrades it says will completely change user payments and spending habits. In a tweet on Dec. 2, the platform’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, confirmed that as of Tuesday, it would support Bitcoin (BTC) transactions on the Lightning ..

Guy Who ‘Lost’ 4 BTC on Lightning Network Has Recovered Most Funds

News One month on, a Redditor who “lost” 4 Bitcoin (BTC) on the Lightning Network has published advice based on his experience. In a thread posted to the r/Bitcoin community on Dec. 1, Redditor ZipoTm revealed that the Lightning community had given him “huge support” by helping him to save his coi..

Tor Project Now Accepts Bitcoin Over Lightning Network

News The Tor Project, the nonprofit organization behind the anonymous network Tor, announced that it now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) donations via the Lightning Network. The organization announced on Nov. 19 that it will accept Lightning Network donations as part of Bitcoin Tuesday, a fundraising initia..

Online Gaming Platform Lets Gamers Collect BTC In First-Person Shooter Game

News Donnerlab, an online gaming platform that builds lightning games and applications, lets gamers hunt for Bitcoin (BTC) and pick-up “Satoshi cubes.” Shoot other players and collect satoshisIn a tweet on Nov. 19, Donnerlab announced the launch of its latest project, titled Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, a..

Wall Street Trader: Bitcoin’s Lightning Network ‘Pulled Me in’

News Bond market veteran Nik Bhatia says that with Lightning, Bitcoin (BTC) has become an unprecedented asset by combining a store of value with medium-of-exchange scale and speed. This recognition prompted him to quit his former work for an institutional asset manager trading United States Treasu..

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