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Bitcoin Price Key Pattern Is Suggesting 68% Chance of Bullish Reversal

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) closed the week down almost 6% at $8,500. Altcoins performed slightly better than BTC but collectively also closed lower for the week, down 3.5% against the dollar. Bitcoin dominance remains relatively flat and continues to hold 68% of the total share of the cryptocur..

Bitcoin Price Defies ‘Death Cross’ as Bulls Pin Hopes on $9.1K Bounce

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to trend lower, marking 5 consecutive lower highs as the price makes a stairstep decline in a falling wedge. Interestingly, the pattern is interpreted by many analysts as a signal of a potentially bullish outcome so perhaps there is still hope.Crypto..

Are Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Back in a Bear Market After Latest Drop?

Market Analysis On Nov. 8, Bitcoin corrected from $9,200 to $8,650, causing the market sentiment to shift from greed to fear once more. The correction came after one of the biggest surges in the history of Bitcoin (BTC), which makes the sentiment shift curious. Let’s take a look at the market ove..

Bitcoin Price Posts Strong Weekly, Monthly Closes — Traders Eye $11.9K

Market Analysis Crypto traders fully understand that there is never a boring day in the sector and the month of November started with a handful of tantalizing news stories. On Nov. 4, Bloomberg reported that two university researchers concluded that the entire 2017 Bitcoin rally to $20,000 was dri..

Bitcoin’s First Monthly Gain Since June Spells Bullish for Q4 2019

Market Analysis Bitcoin price (BTC) closed out October at $9,150, which represents the first monthly gain since June. October also brought new lows of $7,300, which was met with a memorable swing of around 40% back up to highs of $10,350. So far, Friday has brought a small gain to Bitcoin price o..

Veteran Trader: Don’t Break These 11 Rules Trading Bitcoin and Crypto

Market Analysis Experienced traders learn from the lessons of the past and develop specific trading rules to avoid making the same mistakes twice. They stick to their rules, no matter how much temptation there is to violate them. Everyone has a different list - here are some of mine, which I keep ..

New Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Chart Shows Bearish Periods Precede Halvings

Market Analysis Since Bitcoin’s (BTC) creation in 2009, the digital asset has undergone a halving event every four years, cutting the number of coins constantly entering the ecosystem in half, making it a deflationary asset. Based on its hard-coded scarcity, and in line with its halvings, Bitcoin..

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets to $8.7K Confirming Previous Bottom Signals

Market Analysis Bitcoin (BTC) price just made a $1,200 rally towards $8,700, leaving bears and shorts behind. Several signals were pointing towards a potential trend shift and price reversal, while the overall market sentiment was still extreme fear.Crypto market data. Source: Coin360 The major..

Contrarian View: Why Bitcoin Price May Dump After 2020 Halving

Market Analysis Bitcoin’s (BTC) upcoming 2020 halving event has already posted numerous anticipatory headlines as the market waits to see how crypto’s flagship asset will react regarding its price. Additionally, speculators have filled Twitter, commenting that Bitcoin should see a jump in price, a..

Bitcoin Price Diary: Long From $7.3K, Expecting Lower BTC Price

Market Analysis In my fifth journal entry, I provide updates on my previous Bitcoin (BTC) position, highlight a new BTC position, and discuss a recent altcoin trade on Ankr Network (ANKR). BTC/USDSetting up the trade Entries: $7,940, $7,900 Targets: $8,395, $8,949, $9,723 Stop loss: I set the sto..

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