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Binance to Launch Lending for XMR, ZEC and DASH This Week

News Binance exchange will feature three new coins within the fifth phase of its crypto lending product available for subscription starting from Sept. 20. Same interest rate for all 3 coinsAfter initially launching its Binance Lending Service on Aug. 28, Binance will now allow users to lend assets..

Crypto Exchange OKEx Delists Privacy Coins Over FATF Travel Rule

OKEx Korea, the South Korean branch of the popular crypto trading platform has announced the removal of five privacy-focused cryptocurrencies from its trading catalog. The exchange becomes the latest to no longer offer crypto trading pairs that include a high-anonymity coin. The news also signals a..

The Company Behind Zcash Announces Proposed Solution to Trusted Setup

News Electric Coin Company (ECC), which launched and supports the development of privacy-coin Zcash recently published a paper called: Halo: Recursive Proof Composition without a Trusted Setup. On Sept. 10, ECC announced in a blog post that engineer and cryptographer Sean Bowe had discovered a way..

Zcash Foundation Says ZEC Developer Broke Trademark Promise

News The Electric Coin Company (ECC), the developer of second-biggest anoncoin Zcash (ZEC), has reneged on its declared intent to share its trademark with the non-profit Zcash Foundation. The decision has — from the perspective of the Foundation — lowered the Zcash ecosystem to the level of “decen..

Company Behind Zcash Reports Losses in Q1 2019

News Electric Coin Company (ECC), the firm behind privacy-centric cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC), reported financial losses in Q1 2019. According to the Q3 2019 report published on Aug. 29, the firm operated at an average monthly deficit of $186,000 during the first quarter of the year. Operating at a..

Telx Technologies Launches First Crypto-Facilitating SIM Card

News Cryptocurrency and telecommunications company Telx Technologies announced the launch of the first crypto SIM card wallet that enables transactions via SMS. According to the company’s Medium post published on Aug. 22, the card allows its users to send cryptocurrencies via SMS with their dedica..

Zcash ‘Brexits’ as Coinbase Delists Privacy-Focused Altcoin in the UK

News United Kingdom-based customers of Coinbase are reportedly being informed that the exchange will be dropping support for the privacy-focussed Zcash as of Aug. 26, 2019. The same does not appear to apply to United States or European Union customers, however, prompting speculation on the reasoni..

ZEC Co-Founder Zooko Wilcox Responds to New Zcash Dev Fund Discussions

The Zcash Founders Reward, which funds development and operations in the privacy project’s ecosystem through a ZEC block reward issuance, is set to end next fall. Now, Zcash co-founder and Electric Coin Company (ECC) chief executive officer Zooko Wilcox has made a public entreaty responding to the ..

Privacy-Focused Coin Zcash Forks Into New Blockchain Network Ycash

News Privacy-focused digital currency Zcash (ZEC) has forked into a new blockchain network dubbed Ycash, whose total supply amounts to 21 million coins. According to a tweet by the Ycash Foundation, the first block of Ycash was mined today, July 19, at 7:36:51 PM PDT. Ycash forked off Zcash blockc..

Is Bitcoin’s Increasing Anonymity a Threat to Privacy Coins?

Analysis It's no secret that Bitcoin isn't actually anonymous, despite what various outside observers of crypto might claim. It is, in fact, pseudonymous, as its transactions are vulnerable to being traced to specific individuals by governments and intelligence agencies with enough deter..

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